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Friday, February 17, 2017

world of spin

Still kinda reeling from today's stats, so I scoped myself out on a search engine to see how I'm doing out there.

WebMii says I'm doing pretty good out of a possible 10 total.

I've got a silver reputation with traity, flipboard makes me look cool, socialmention currently has me at 100% strength with a mention averaging every 29 seconds across the medias (see? I told you I have to mute my phone), still over 60 on klout, and I'm already bored with this.

Basically, I'm good at linking all my stuff together, I'm set up well for visibility, I'm verified as an owner on the webs, and I touch base on at least 3 main medias just about every single day.

If I could link my mojang account into my medias, you guys would never see me again, ha.

Things people are asking me to do-
  • live facebook shares (um, no)
  • youtube vlogs (that cracks me up, you'd get like 2 or 3 minutes and that's it)
  • shared hangouts and skype vid calls (that's a maybe on hold for a few years already)
  • actually finish books (working on it)
  • share live minecraft play (I do die pretty spectacularly quite often)
  • meet up if I do start traveling once published (I have invitations in several countries, sweet)
Anyway, lotta no on all that. I'm not a natural socialite, I don't talk (out loud, outside of family) easily or very well (that's what the psychologist is for), and I honestly would need staff or at least a team or at the very least another talker to bounce off, and I have yet to settle in with anyone who wants to make that kind of commitment to my content output. It would be funny to record me and @bonenado yapping away because it gets so cartoony, but I always forget. His brain is seriously the closest thing I've ever seen in real life to a Homer Simpson / Philip J. Fry mashup. It's like I live with Homer Fry in real life.

And I know this looks like I care, but I think obsessing over underground caverns and giant mushrooms and flailing the skeleton apocalypse to death with my bare hands because I'm sick of lag killing me over and over before I can get my weapons back pretty much proves I really don't. I'm more irked at Google for NOT MAKING IT EASY to locate and retrieve anything on what the heck happened to their analytics (it is now Universal Analytics, and no, they didn't migrate our site verification IDs, thank you very much) than anything. I'm getting really used to not knowing what's going on with Pinky blog though because statcounter sucks for just about everything now unless someone doesn't have a clue, and blogger is lame for actual info beyond the barest Oh, here's what's going on today kinda of gossip, so I really don't pay attention any more. Probably best I don't know anyway, right? Stuff happens, and I minecraft.

lol, discovering an international search service for finding free MP3s to download, apparently my entire youtube collection of personal vids is available for people in Malaysia, Korea, Japan, and India. That's funny. Wo, just found my pinterest entirely in Swedish. Hold the phone. Just ran into a an imgur page titled 'easy photoer for facebook' that apparently swiped my linkedin bio to throw into their jumbly spam. I'm loling, I wrote in a post why I used that pic as a joke, and here I am an example of how a professional photographer could have helped me out.

I know, right? That stuff cracks me up. You can see why I'd like to find out where all those hits today came from. I've had plenty of times in the past, especially with Lexx stuff, where 800 hits in a week on one post was kinda normal, 3000 in a week on the whole blog was cool, but I've never had 1000+ hits in one day before on *anything*. I can usually see bot swarms and web crawlers, but today is a mystery. If someone shared my dotcom to another site, even if it was to hate on me somewhere, thanks, that was pretty awesome.

Ok, now I'm laughing, my linkedin bio got grabbed for an alumnus photo/bio for my college. Doi, do they even background check? I'm using a pen name, I didn't attend under this name. How funny. So anyone could say they went to this or that college and get pulled into an alumnus page even if they didn't.

Ceremonija otvaranja Igara u Riju: Novak, Ana, Velja i veslači propuštaju defile
That's my twitter pic that went viral. Sweet. The paragraph just above it translates to "The biggest applause of those present in the stands of the legendary stadium received a team of refugees from South Sudan, Syria, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, who will compete under the flag of the International Olympic Committee. Some of the athletes were so impressed with the event opening ceremony, they could not hide the tears of joy."

I'm exhausted. I need sleep so bad. I'm craving everything right now- chocolate, coffee, vicodin (how many years has it been?), and especially pizza. I want pizza. But it's an illusion. I'm craving anything that would distract me from this weird brain buzz headache and the loud tinnitus. My earballs seem especially aggrieved at the lingering withdrawal. Maybe I'll try some hot milk.

Oh, while I'm looking for a youtube vid and ran across original Kirk stuff, I'll tell you now because I'll forget later- William Shatner is coming to Branson in October to the Welk Theater. The snip clicks to the article if you want to read it all.

Ok, where'd I put my fave Spirk vid? This song over and over will get my brain hypnotized to sleep.

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