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Saturday, November 7, 2015

If Rick Lagina dies WE RIOT

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So the Curse of Oak Island is coming back next week. You guys know about my Rick Lagina crush because I've mentioned the show a couple of times.
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That show is conspiracy theory heaven. I grew up with my dad and his brother obsessing about everything from where Jesse James' gold is really hidden to what is at the bottom of that pit. The press release this week-
‘The Curse of Oak Island’: Rick and Marty get closer to finding legendary loot
More about it from this article last May-
Special Report: Treasure Hunting on Oak Island
The official facebook is revving up and twitter is starting to buzz-

click for the interview source
I won't bore you with a list of interviews, but this one is pretty good.
Interview with Rick & Marty Lagina: As THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND Season 3 Approaches, Brothers Express Appreciation

Season 3 of The Curse of Oak Island premiers November 10 on the History Channel. Go there to catch up on past episodes and see the bios AND they've even got a game!

Last year there was a mug still available on Amazon, seems to be gone now, not seeing merch anywhere. I almost nabbed the mug last year, now I wish I had.

No tees with the official logo right now, either. This logo clicks to more info on wikipedia.

Well, Rick is going down there....

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