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Sunday, November 29, 2015

feeling naked without our view count security blankets

The new google+ is rolling out, so you know I'm crawling all over it looking for holes and flaws. One of the loudest outcries I've seen so far is losing the view count that classic G+ allows.

This is like one of those spot what's drawn wrong games. Here is how classic G+ looks promoting the new G+. Looks pretty impressive, until you switch to new G+.

This is the exact same post on new G+.

I've mocked G+ views in the past. They're like 'impressions' and actual views all smooshed together, which badly skews what's actually going on with eyeballs on your content. All the same, it's fun watching the numbers, and 190,000 (mine right now) is a fun number (as long as we're understanding that's not actual eyeballs on actual posts). Anyway, the new G+ will have more accurate response stats for likes and shares going forward, but you still won't see how many possibly could have read it, meaning you'll no longer get 'reach'. Basically, it'll stop showing us how many times other people pop their feeds open on their devices if they happen to contain something of ours in there, whether they see our stuff or not. I agree that really is a misleading thing to throw into a view total. I've been mocking 'reach' since I beta tested SumAll a couple of years ago, and twitter's been real big on reach lately. Reach helps sell ad space. That's all. Reach is only valuable if you understand projections in business meetings. I like youtube stats, they give you literal minute counts on how long an upload or playlist was watched, which helps sift out fly by nights bumbling through.

Got an outstanding nap yesterday evening and made it to #latenightmovie chat last night. If you feel a pressing need to see the chat, this clicks out to my tweet, and from there you can click it bigger.

Meanwhile, Lexx fans are wondering why I can't seem to find the time to rewatch Lexx for my review blog, lol. I know, I suck, I have a fantastic opening for the Mantrid post and it's just sitting there unfinished. I'll see what I can do on that this week, ok?

This holiday weekend is extra super busy, moving boxes and furniture from an apartment because Bunny is in a house now. It was an awesome plan because 4-day weekend, right, but it's been raining the entire time. Kinda slowing things down a bit.

Bunny helped me make a little cake yesterday. Duncan Hines has a line of Perfect Size mixes out, kinda like easy bake for adults, I get them for @bonenado. It was Bunny's first time being pastry chef at my house (she's not quite 2 1/2) and she liked it. Got a little impatient with the frosting mix, so the softened butter part was still lumpy. Grampa says it's still good. Made with Bunny love.

Bunny really liked this video in the car yesterday.

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