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Friday, November 20, 2015


How to stop stalking people- article list

It's a bad habit, isn't it? And you think you're really good at it and no one sees you. Despite all the extra fancy stalker stat tools available, Google and proxies up the ante and the stealth game is on.

Most of you are truly invisible to me. I know, I go on about I can see this or that, but I really can't. I mean, I CAN, but all I see are markers, little bits of fluff you leave behind as you sneak through the bushes. I don't actually see you in the bushes.

I always assume I stand out like neon. Given what I can see on my end, and since I rarely try to actually hide anything I'm doing, if you can't see me in the bushes, it's likely because you are an inexperienced spotter, or I'm accidentally covered by invisibility magic of some kind. I really really don't try to be careful. A few of you are absolutely beautiful to figure out, I so love this game, and it's always thrilling when I actually peg someone down to a real neighborhood, but that's getting so rare nowadays that I hardly try any more.

It's true, I very rarely play the stalker game any more. It's mostly a waste of my time. I could care less who's stalking me (I'm super bored, give me better puzzles), and there's almost no one I care that much about. I bet there are only 5 people on this whole planet I have truly stalked, you know, with a purpose. Out of those 5, one doesn't have a clue at all, even though that person very heavily stalked me for awhile, and was so sloppy about it that I saw every actual location for almost a year, and we're talking world travel. The rest of you are pretty boring, at least to me. I'm sure a few of my darker lurkers laugh.

The real games begin when I train someone to stalk me, and train someone else to stop stalking me. It's actually pretty easy. I have already trained some of you to stay logged into google on your devices so I can't see every little thing you're doing. It cracks me up how fast that happened, just mentioned it one time, *poof*, suddenly I'm getting way more secure looking stats. Yes, I can still technically see you, but not like before. Now it's anyone's guess who is who half the time.

Nothing like having to train you guys how to make the puzzle more exciting and interesting for me, right? It is to lol.

I use to be easy to spot in my own stats, stood out like a flare gun. Then I got a new phone, now it's really random whether I see myself or not, and the only reason I know it's me is when it actually pings all my details correctly- device, browser, location, time. Time is a crucial element. It's also weird, like the slit experiments where one photon takes two different routes to a destination. Some devices ping 3 times if they are coming from outside the country through a translator and a particular proxy, caught one pinging 5 times. Mostly the pings are simultaneous, but sometimes the pings are off by a second or two as the signals split and sync back up.

Not every ping is a 'hit'. I'm pretty sure at least half the hits never get counted. Trackers are really picky, and they all have their own party going. All the same, I've got every eye trained on spam, and Pinky blog is really clean for drawing flies. Squeaky clean. I've seen what can happen when the spam hordes find a blog. After Xanga first came back from the migration, I was deleting a couple thousand spams a day, over ten thousand one week. There was no way I could get a tracker on that, but they had a spam catcher, and I saw every. single. one. of those suckers. I also know they can swarm in on pingbacks from other sites when I link them, because I saw it literally happen a couple of years ago immediately after I linked a particular website. What people don't realize is that we're all swimming in a really thick spam soup, and the only reason any of us have decent internet is because the spam protection coating everything has become so supersized that it's nearly invisible now. Anyway, the hit counters you see on Pinky blog are the real deal, you're 95% people. Yes, I check.

All that being said, polite nod to those who are truly dark and none of my tools catch the slightest little ping. I see a blip once in awhile when someone slips up, but it's all good, I'm pretending I didn't really see anything.

No point to this post. I'm just bored. Felt like talking.

Is Stalking Illegal?
The act of stalking is often the culmination of several acts which, when taken on their own, are perfectly legal. Once they are all put together and used to harass or intimidate someone, then it rises to the level of stalking. Sending notes or gifts to a person’s home, dropping by a person’s home, sending flowers or waiting for someone at a workplace are all normal, routine activities. Once these actions instill a sense of fear in the recipient, then it becomes stalking.... To prove stalking, a complainant must be able to show a course of conduct or behavior; the presence of threats; and the criminal intent to cause fear. With two documented incidents, a stalking victim can get a court to issue a protective order or restraining order that directs the stalker to cease all stalking activities.

What *I'm* fondly calling 'stalking' is totally legal. It's actually lurking. It is quietly watching without making contact. I encourage lurking. I love lurkers.

There are lots of ways you can make yourself more invisible and harder to find on the internet, aside from the usual overwhelming tangle of settings in silly places like facebook. I can find just about anything or anybody on the webs if they haven't absolutely completely covered their tracks. It's not hard to do. I'm not challenging anyone, I'm just saying that as careful as you think you are being, all you have to do is put something into a search bar to light up someone else's stats pages. You might choose 'browse anonymously' within a certain parameter setting on a particular host site, but that doesn't mean you don't show up somewhere and someone can see exactly what you're doing.

Why am I saying all this? Because some of you are still so innocent. I guess I just have this instinct to protect, and I do that by pointing out the obvious. I'm not an expert, and this isn't a tutorial, just a touch base congratulating some of you on paying attention and tightening up your surfing security.

On a personal note, I can't seem to get warm and this keyboard feels lovely. I can see why cats lie on keyboards. It's a glum windy cold gray day and I keep wandering off into the more depressing videos. I don't know what to do about it, so writewritewrite, right? I think I'd be a little more chipper if the 'country beef ribs' hadn't gone hard on low slow heat (really bad sign I paid too much for the package presentation) and I'm trying to salvage them in the crock pot now (Can cooked meat still be tenderized?), but HEY, I got my Christmas cards addressed. Go me.

I guess it would be nice of me to share this in case you'd like to get started on learning more. Not The Same: Invisible Web and the Dark Web Good luck making your way through that horrendous kersplat of advertising. I generally steer clear of extra work (don't laugh), prefer simple point and clicks whenever possible. Please, I beg you, put a Google alert on your name. Not all it's cracked up to be, so kind of biting my tongue on that title. Yes, some of you remember I've already mocked google alerts. There are a couple of people on this earth who would probably be mortified to *cough* see how often their names *COUGH* have been searched by one person *hackCOUGHhkhrrkhk*.  Coughing captured in writing Is there an onomatopoeia for coughing? If not, how can I capture it in writing?  onomatopoeia

Someone needs to save you if you're still here. I'll quickly flee the page, you're probably more stuck than I am.

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