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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pinky enverra un message dans une bouteille

I've joyously discovered that my new phone has a 'do not disturb' setting that still allows calls to come through. Bless whoever invented that. No more notifications bzzzting my phone all day long.

Been working on a slow zyrtec step down this month. Doctors and packaging seem oblivious to the brutal effects of getting back off that stuff after you've been on for months, but there's loads of people in forums freaking out about how long it takes and all the weird symptoms they have, always comforting to know other people are way worse off than me and then I relax. So far I don't have the mad itching because I'm going so slow, but I'm mimicking full blown hot flashes like my skin is super temp sensitive, hope that doesn't mean I'll be getting hives.
Zyrtec Withdrawal Is a Nightmare

I had help with this week's #TWDLiveTweetReview on SyfyDesigns. My copy editor is very picky.

This is my laptop wallpaper right now. Too bad I don't work in a real office, I could really freak people out.

Pulled the blinds open to watch the last of the leaves blow off in the cloudy weather moving over, and all @bonenado can do is whine that he just blew out the gutters and they're filled up again. I told him to call the wahmbulance. I still haven't steam mopped my kitchen floor from when I said I would last month because neverending stuff and weather and people and stuff. Always something.


Bunny has gone again. It's so quiet now.

I'm wiped out. I've been up since 3 this morning and been going nonstop until nearly 2 this afternoon. I gently leaf through some old pages spread across the webs, almost hidden now in the folds of time, wondering if the timestamps on a cryptic quote someone made here or there might be a sad hope that is gone now, maybe the way a message in a bottle floats away on a vast ocean and never to be known if it were ever found by one who could feel the heart in the words behind a cork that kept a whole ocean of water from ruining that moment.

From one of my much younger blogs, during another turn in the labyrinth of my mind, a reveal I as yet couldn't understand or foresee- nothing ever really fades with time

"I've had this song stuck in my head all week. I suspect it has everything to do with leaving my kiddo and zurrito behind once again and now throwing myself full on into the hardest parts of what I have to finish writing. I can't see past getting it done right now. My psychologist once relayed to me from other authors that the hardest thing a person can ever do in their life is go back over all of it and put it in writing. All the things that made us hide that we cried..."

And I, too, push in another cork, seal it with wax, and throw it far from me, knowing the ocean will never ruin this moment, and that it will never be lost because I fling my heart for everyone to find.

If we'd met while I was still Yablo... I can only imagine. I was such a mess, but I was a joyous mess, before all the really hard stuff started.

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