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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

the purple blur


This long day/week/weekend/month slinging me around like a carnival ride thing needs to stop and let me off for a bit.

I was going to put a Calvin and Hobbes strip here but I'm lazy, so here you go, peruse the official Calvin and Hobbes dotcom or visit GoComics to see the daily strip and comment.

As per my usual flinging off into tangents, I remember when Bill Watterson got pretty miffed and just stopped, and the world missed him very much. I didn't know he's back. This from last spring-
Bill Watterson talks: This is why you must read the new ‘Exploring Calvin and Hobbes’ book
"For years, the cartoonist didn’t make public comments. Now, in a single wide-ranging and revealing and illuminating and engrossing and self-deprecating and poignant and, of course, deeply funny interview, Watterson has proved more generous than we perhaps could have ever hoped for."

So I'm very excited now instead of dragging into a junk dump, yay! In celebration, I shall share fan renditions of C&H/Sherlock smashups. You can click and peruse at your leisure.

I have no idea what the crap Leo is doing in there. This next isn't creepy at all unless you've never seen Dr. Evil's enthusiam for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ok, that's doing things for me, let's just go there.

Yeah, that saved me. I desperately need to take a little nap or something, I'll just work on this later.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered my new phone had dialed Switzerland the first day I owned it. Somehow. Not. a. clue. But it's right there in my history, the second number called, so now I can truthfully reminisce in a suave and casual manner about that time I called someone in Switzerland.


~the next day~

Here we go, bolted wide awake at midnight freaking out that I'd forgotten to make the cranberry sauce. Was wondering when the time distortion would hit because this month's been a mess. Thank goodness I got back to sleep, but truly relieved to pop back awake at 4 a.m. because my head was ridiculously busy all night.

from my old
Xanga mini
(I'm a packrat)
So now I'm on coffee break. Looking around at my house. Thinking about the holiday zooming up just around the corner. Wishing I could pull some of the busy in my dreams out into real life. Wait, maybe not. I can't decide. I just know I was way more on top of stuff there than here. Oh, @bonenado told me his dream just before he bolted out the door to work. He had bought a house and discovered the basement had several old mattresses strewn around and thick dust everywhere, and he was freaking out wondering "How am I going to get rid of these mattresses? Jan's gonna kill me when she sees how filthy this basement is, I didn't even look at it before I bought it, she won't even come in the house till I clean it up." And it went on like that, the garage was filthy (we've wanted to build a garage for 23 years...), but he thought he could get that cleaned up too, and his whole dream was this rushed last minute buyer's remorse purchase full of MOAR WERK. I think it's safe to say we live under stress. We have no clue (been almost two years now) when his boss is going to close and sell the company. His stress dreams make mine look pretty tame.

Ah, thunder... I may be off and on this thing all day.

Back to me. I have some serious brain sorting to do. It doesn't help at all finally getting it all right and straight and someone jumping into my PT scheduling and changing an appointment on me. I walked in yesterday- "I'm probably pretty early." "Nope, it was an hour and half ago." "No, it wasn't." "Yes, it was." Pulling out my planner- "See, I wrote this down from the website" (we can look up our accounts). It actually sorted back out just fine. My regular person's schedule has been dispersed and delegated across other therapists while she recovers from something, and this time someone forgot to call me OR update the scheduling in ALL THE PLACES, so in one place it was 9:30, in another it was 10:15. But I'm super savvy nowadays, asked if I could grab the next open spot and call this a reschedule instead of a missed appointment, because that really screws with medicare, and voila, I got another person at 11:45. So I took the opportunity to go use a couple coupons at Hallmark.

That's right, Daryl Dixon and Barney Fife. o_O I'm sure they'll get along just fine on the same tree...

So anyway, I've been rescheduling #allthethings several times this whole month already, and then that happened, so I feel terribly thrown off. My only hope is to get on some brain sync maneuvers before I hafta run back in for a psyche guy appointment tomorrow, and that means wading through the jumbly stuff making sure bills are actually paid correctly, my planner and calendar are synced up, my pre-Turkey Day lists are up to the minute and not scattered like my head, etc. I'm really surprised Mantrid hasn't shown up in my dreams, as stressed as I feel, since I dropped right out of finishing that Mantrid character post. Lotta fans share their Lexx dreams, but all these years, all my dreams, I can only remember one Lexx dream that I've ever had, a long time ago, before everything. Looking back, it actually looks kind of prophetic. At the time I had no clue what it meant, but I do now. Oh, you wanna know what the Lexx dream was. Ok, but only the most hardcore fandom historians will be able to see it for what it is. Hang on, this needs coolness.


I copied the code from my last #Shezzaday post, so the table is still mangled. I'm going to keep this work jam here, it's totally my head right now. Everyone's doing stuff like Wholock and Johnlock and Starlock, can you imagine a #SherLexx smash? I grabbed that hashtag last spring. Ok, back to the dream. I might throw how I interpret the dream around in there, that's the italics. Have fun.

I was walking down a street and noticed a blue house on my right was having a huge yard sale. I'm not a yard sale fan, but I turned into it and meandered around the yard looking at stuff. 2004 was the first time I ever deliberately went looking for fansites after a show was over. I couldn't let Lexx go. I noticed some of the people were going into and coming out of the house, and the door was open. Maybe the sale was going on in there, too, so I followed a couple of people I didn't know into the house and sauntered around looking at the cool stuff all over the walls and furniture. I'd been in forums before, even admined, but this was the first fandom I ever dabbled in that consistently kept showing up in my own blogging, and it all started out of a fear that fansites were disappearing off the internet after the show ended, so I spent quality time going a little deeper into the fandom. There was an odd hallway on the left that ramped down to a sort of walkout basement, and down there was darker and way cooler. I almost didn't go down, but Kai and Xev walking down the ramp into the darker part caught my eye, so I followed behind them. Obvious turning point, and a few people will know who I mean by Kai and Xev. We eventually wound up going out the basement door onto a different part of lawn, away from the other people milling around, and then we split up and went on our ways. Seriously, I dreamed all this before it happened. There's nothing more to it than that, just a symbolic look at the path I'd be going on.

I have lots of dreams like that all the time, and afterward I always go Ohhh when I look back and see that stuff really happened like that. Yes, I left out a few details, but you don't need them. Yeah, a couple of you get what the basement is. There were a lot of tables down there, full of cool stuff.

Rats, I forgot checking in compose will screw my table now. Well, I'll go do my other stuffs and then come back and fix it last. -- Ok, *bump it*, I just copied the entire html so I can repaste it back after I'm done with my other stuff.

And it's all good. I've made my peace, I'm here to WORK, and I'm Lexxcited about the future. Whatever happens, I'm on my board surfing.

Allow me to sort through a few weekend pix while I do my office work. Our most recent home invasion featured a hungry Saints fan.


I was tweeting about this ad during last night's #Gotham watch.

There you go, live blogging. I've had State Farm since my very first car, and I have this thing for the Flying Elvi, so there you go. Not paid to link ANY of that. And no, I have no idea if that was an actual Flying Elvis that parachuted in on the commercial. You can see the commercial metrics here.

click for super cool
Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, loading Bunny pix in between chores. You didn't see me start laundry and get the TWD live tweet done and put a meatloaf in the oven all through this.

Well, we can't have a Saints fan in the house, so Papa pulled out her special Vikings shirt, and right now it's as big as a dress on her, so she ran around in that. She did insist, though, on keeping her Saints bow on her head for awhile. That kid is like a super blur most of the time, and it's like trying to get a picture of a chicken, just almost impossible, and I gave up.


And there are stickers all over the walls and furniture, and chaos reigned. I finally caught a decent shot a couple of hours later.

By the time she left I was super jealous of this.

And you didn't see curtains get hung back up and sheets put back on the bed and potatoes put into a pot.

It rained all day long. I got a Timehop notice yesterday that we had snow last year. If today's rain had been snow it would be piled up pretty good by now. My front yard is a swamp, and Twink said their parking lot fills up like a pond. If we were to get a sudden freeze tonight on top of all this soaking into the plants, we'd get frost flowers (that's a cool link, lotsa pix) and some of the tree trunks would 'explode'. From Exploding tree on wikipedia- To the Sioux of The Dakotas and the Cree, the first new moon of the new year is known, in various dialects, as the "Moon of the Cold-Exploding Trees".

~more time passing~

It's been over 12 hours since @bonenado left for work. Every day is like this. He commutes and sometimes has to drop off or pick up something, so ten hour days get pretty stretched out. I shall pass the time with stuff like this. Laterz.

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