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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

the only rational option is to kill you

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I finally watched an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with @bonenado a couple nights ago and had an interesting convo at the end with him about not sharing fan feels, highlighted by holding the remote hostage and flipping a bird in his face. What triggered it was a micro second computer screen view of a torus immediately covered up with other graphics blipping through, and *bing* right back to the character faces. I got as much understanding out of that entire series in one micro burst of graphics lasting less than two seconds as @bonenado got plodding his way through weeks of episodes. A quick five minutes of high speed interrogation caught me up. The most exciting thing about that five minute convo? Aside from finally seeing nearly up to date actual SCIENCE THEORY on a scifi show (soooo tired of characters re-explaining 120 year old Einstein stuff, omg), Scott and I had a quasi-intelligent interchange about theory instead of characters.

Brain sex.

I like it hard and fast. That was a very satisfying five minutes. I think he felt a little used and abused, but I like a flush of color when I'm braining. (I'm making up for the bird flip with homemade apple pie today.)

If you wanna grab that pic up there for a wallpaper, go here, right click on the pic, then save. It comes in full size that way. If you go to the article first, it comes in tiny.

One of the reasons I don't keep up with ALL THE SHOWS out there is because they wind up dragging through so much character development that the really cool stuff, like *ideas*, kind of gets lost in all the yap and moodiness. I was glued to this ep because blue planet. They really did a fantastic edit on that, and I wasn't bored at all. I enjoyed every detail that went into creating that episode.

I'm a Ray Bradbury fan. The up and comers don't know who that is and how utterly inspiring he was. The blue planet episode reminded me of the way I felt reading his science fiction stories when I was a kid, awe-stricken with visuals.

So. Today. *ow*

This is from Graston technique- Soft tissue therapy breaks up scar tissue and adhesions. "This is the Graston technique, an instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy that breaks up scar tissue and adhesions around muscles, tendons and ligaments. Stiff, bumpy scars and adhesions, Liebowitz said, don’t expand and contract the way healthy tissue does, limiting movement and creating pain." One of the better articles I've found describing how microshredding fascia works to bring pain levels down.

You guys know I'm back in physical therapy pursuing the bounce off or bust it down wall thing. My therapist has already tried 3 different approaches in 2 weeks and I'm wildly rebounding off that wall left and right like a trampoline. She's getting incredible notes, though. On top of my basic chart full of typical severe fibro, now I'm getting words about just how bad in very specific locations. We are defining the wall. Kinda like getting sonogram of an ocean floor or something, takes time.

I'm at the point in therapy where I might not be able to keep breaking through, and really do need to submit to a stopping point before we trigger massive casualties. The goal of therapy is to bring pain levels down, but thanks to my insistence on aggressive experimentation, the pain levels have been spiking left and right, right? Part of mapping my wall is testing all the boundaries. After 3 visits, I think my therapist is deciding to sit on me until I stop struggling and start cooperating. The whole power through the pain thing isn't flying with her at all because she can see me actually making it worse.

She grew up on a farm, like me, and has really super strong hands. Boy howdy, I am getting deep tissue restructure like you wouldn't believe. (That doesn't sound awkward at all...) This is actually what she's doing. What Is Astym® Treatment? "Scarring can happen on top of the skin, but often the biggest problems come from scar tissue that forms inside the body around joints, muscles, tendons and/or ligaments. The body naturally lays down some scar tissue in response to irritation or injury. The fibrous, strong scar tissue is meant to reinforce an area, but often it ends up restricting movement and causing pain." It's a really good article, if you're interested. I'm basically a solid mass of scar tissue, and as we slowly shred, it's turning into what feels like tight guitar strings, and those eventually tear down into softer and softer tissue. It's kind of a shock doing too much all at once, the body has to deal with so much cleanup and rebuild. Some people bruise up all over, but even though I'm not an easy bruiser, it's still tissue shred and revamp and must be treated like any injury- HYDRATION, rest, protein, and proper stretching during healing, because if you don't do all that, you just wind up with more scar tissue instead of healthy fascia.

I know some of you think that's crazy, hurt to heal. I'll tell you something even crazier. I worked with a girl one year who was going through modeling school before she went to college, and on the advice of the school, went to a special surgeon to have her jaw broken and set to length specification, and guys, she was already stunning. I can't even imagine paying someone to break the hardest bone in my body in two or more places hoping it will make me more beautiful. I think of her every time I go through ASTYM. If she can go through her jaw being broken for a career, I can go through a little bit of tissue shredding to drop a pain level and regain some mobility.

ASTYM itself works really well on me, I just want to keep pushing through to get closer to 'normal' again, which probably won't happen. My body response is driven by the fibro dysfunction mechanism, and I'm starting to wonder if the aggressive scarring throughout the soft tissues all over my body will be a continuous thing to my last day. My mom pretty much just 'froze up' all over, and you can call it what you will through the stages, like nerve entrapment and whatevs, but in the end, muscles that can't move can literally calcify (I saw her shoulder x-rays), and the only way to keep it at bay is to keep moving.

Anyway, just touching base on the major suckage issues, yes, I'm in a buttload of pain last couple of weeks, but it's the good kind of pain, not the bad kind. All the same, it affects my personality, and I'm chewing on a bazooka like a toothpick. If I'm not talking to you on the twitters, it's probably a good thing.

Oh, let's see, need a productive jam to keep me moving. I cannot believe that scene with Oswald's mother. (I won't spoil it if you're behind.) Let's get some Oswald support going while I GET TO WORK! >=l FOCUS!!!

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