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Sunday, November 1, 2015

everything in the world is one big chaotic mess of algorithms

lol, this is a real thing, click!
I took vengeance on my paper.li yesterday after the latest edition came out and restructured the content gathering. I really do loathe the new algorithm. Even with stricter, tighter controls (which I pay for), I can't seem to stop one or two people from hogging the entire paper every little bit, based only on the very simple fact that their particular tweets or shared tweets get the majority of faves and RTs that day on twitter, and the algorithm notices and prioritizes by popularity, which means there is no truly random tweet sampling, it's all skewed to who is tweeting or retweeting the most popular tweets, which is NOT what I want because it knocks out nearly everyone else on the same or alternating list who have actual awesome content. I'm not thrilled about how the leading stories are picked up, either, might hafta dig a little deeper and see if I can cinch up how the story leads land in the upper section. Also toying with doing a guest list once a week just to splash a big load of different stuff in one day. The dangers of that are, say, getting a cool scientist on a rant day (srsly? plz to stop being uncooooooool), or getting a filmmaker on a drunk day (facepalms g.a.l.o.r.e.), you get the picture. Anyway, I've got so many lists, several of them are business-y, might be fun to see what happens. Or not. But perhaps I can theme within a theme if I can rig the controls.

As I was thinking all this (in the shower, like corporate execs do, naked), I also thought how easy it would be to start another paper.li (for free) purposely grabbing my fave celebs on twitter, just make it all about the twitter buzz from the cream that's already risen to the top. It wouldn't always look cool like this, of course, but it might be fun. This one clicks back to the smooshed together survey.

We all know Groovy Bruce has a Shat crush. He likes it sticky, apparently. Anyway, not sure how soon I'll get on that.

Halloween pulled some cosmic trickery on my family. Most people start their Halloweens later in the day or near sunset, well, ours started bright and early before the crack of dawn after Twink texted us a pic of her very swollen face and off we all went to the ER. Her lips were pretty spectacular, stuff you see in lip injections gone awry on places like Buzzfeed, and her whole body was doing this lumpy neon pink leprosy thing. Couldn't have picked a more perfect day for it, right? I mean, Halloween. While mama got shots and more shots, a very busy Bunny and I took up hallway monitor patrol and probably put a couple miles on our matching neon pink Nikes, and we were so awesome in our fall fashion long sleeve autumn tees that all the old people smiled real big at us. And it was a good thing Grampa was there, too, fixing the kid stuff.

After the scary part was over, we all went home and collapsed back into bed and woke up to Sploit sending flooding pix from Houston, people knee deep out in a residential street kind of stuff, and then on twitter I saw all kinds of tweets about Halloween plans going soggy over several areas for lots of people. So, Happy Halloween, right?

We had rain all day here, too, and not one single trick-or-treater for the first time EVER, but that didn't stop me from donning my costume. Big thank you to Walmart for making it so easy this year with their 'Awesome Gramma Costume' loungewear selection, lol. I don't do fleece very well, though, no way I could actually sleep in that outfit without having to turn on the AC in 40 degree weather, so I guess I won't be wearing Pinkyween all winter like I thought. It's still cute, though.

A couple of Bunny and Batman pix rolled in, they were really cute. The 'cranky ninja' pose cracks me up.


We've been having another spectacular ladybug year. I call this one "Bob on gray frosting." We won't talk about "Bob bits in hair" or "Bob drives a CRV" or "Bob caught in human nostril". Bob is a really busy guy in a multiplex of universal being, which means he's really good at quantum flux. If you ever think Bob was a goner, you thought wrong. He manifests in the millions, kind of like the Master in Master Race on Doctor Who.

November in my house is pretty much about recovering from one holiday while we wildly slide toward the next one, with all kinds of stuff happening in between. There are birthdays and another baby coming to one of the nieces, and this is also the month @bonenado and I visit the cemetery and remember our lost babies, not between us, but from before we became our own thing. And everything gets crunched under football and deer season, and by the time Thanksgiving gets here, we really are a big chaotic mess. I keep a firm grip on visualizing hot chocolate and Macy's parade and turkey in the oven smells until it actually gets here while my reality usually turns into bumbling around forgetting things and getting lost in stores. Things have been changing so much this year, I'm looking forward to the what ifs of November 2015 maybe being a nicer experience than usual. It's really nice having my brain mostly back.

This next pic is from Butterflies of Paradise by Diva Art, totally worth checking out, just really beautiful stuff.

It was inspired by the visual art in a vid I shared last week, which reminds me of a sophisticated math render used with a several different techniques, and of course I love the pinks and blues and the way the visuals flow. I've been a Vanessa fan for years, regularly make it back around to her stuff on youtube. I don't think most Americans are very aware of her unless they are hardcore Johnny Depp fans, and even then, everyone's cool if you take Vanessa's side and still love Johnny.

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