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Friday, November 13, 2015

Why Neolock, MerLexxians, and Jake 2.0 are crucial for world reboot

Have you guys ever thought about how real life is the Matrix and social media is Zion, us escaping the Matrix and actually sharing our thoughts? Because in real life we live like they do in the Matrix. I know, you wanna say that social media is the Matrix because we're all 'plugged in', but if the universe really is a hologram and our existence is really more like a gaming system, then the social media we have constructed is our Zion because that is how we escape 'real life'. And then you could argue that one of the Zion theories holds that they never really escaped the Matrix, so therefore Zion is still inside the Matrix, and I say ~*perzackly*~.

lol, someone else is like me
Wo, I feel like A. Smith bouncing around in this guy's head.

What's hilarious about the post that last meme links to is that I am the queen of delete, reorganize, and reallocate, and look where it got me with my phone. I tenaciously hang onto lappy because I'm such a hoarder. I need staff. I keep saying this. You don't need principles to hang onto old tech.


Taking breaks in between stuffs. So much to catch up on.

Still having problems using my arms. Have violently thrown my new phone bouncing and skidding over 10 feet several times over the last few days. My wrists are a little swollen this morning from the ASTYM but still managed to get dishes done without breaking anything.

Catching up on the lastest Strong Bad vid.

Need to keep moving. May as well just get a playlist going.


You guys don't see me killing it. How's cauliflower and cheese soup with bacon sound? I'm all over it. Yes, from scratch, and it is luxurious. Sorry I can't share.

O.M.G. And dang it, I was hoping that web address at the end was real.

I really really wanna whine about how badly my wrists ache but I won't stop doing chores and keyboarding, so I know I'm not helping.


I get lost in thoughts while I do chores. Ignore the drop off. I'm having trubbas spelling on twitter in general today.


Ok, now I'm passing time until a visitor comes to my house.

Fans just leave me breathless sometimes. I'm in awe of other people being able to so eloquently express deep emotion like this.


I'm excited.

@SFSeriesMovies tweeted today that Jake 2.0 is finally being released on DVD. I dug around real hard for this show on the webs 2-3 years ago and finally found it, then was very surprised to see the condition it arrived in. Guys, I apparently purchased it contraband, seriously. The quality isn't great, but it was better than nothing. I mean, I assume it's contraband because you can see the TV logo on a station in another country, and the credits aren't exactly kosher, plus the cover art is crap. Thought about demanding my money back, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have worked. Anyway, I am very excited that it's actually being released now, I. so. love. this. show. Dare we hope for blu-ray...

When I posted that pic to facebook, it tried to tag Jake as Kai from Lexx, lol. I said years ago (so sorry, that post is gone now) that Christopher Gorham would be perfect playing a Brunnen-G, preferably Kai's son or ancestor in a spin-off or prequel.

Just found out about the Paris attack (little over an hour ago), very sad and shocked. I know a fair number of fans both in France and who have traveled to France, especially around Merlin filming. I've been a big France fan for many years (even before Johnny Depp moved there, lol), spent 2 1/2 years on French language and literature studies in college. I'm feeling the Paris attack as personally as I would if it were over here on my side. I am so sorry you guys are making the news like this.

Leaving it here with these vids. Fandom hugs. If you're not a Merlin fan, that's ok, just soak it in. The friends I've made in the Merlin fandom have run a little deeper than others and brought me out of a long social media lassitude. Just today I was contacted privately by a Merlin fan in Malaysia touching base to let me know he's moving to the States soon to finish a medical degree, and it felt really good to be considered that important in his life to touch base like real family. Fandoms are important. I keep saying that fandoms are the most important social process happening in the world because they, more than any political or religious agenda, are uniting people of all colors and genders and creating worldwide families that care deeply for one another. Fandoms are what will save us.

I am a MerLexxian.

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