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Friday, November 27, 2015

#BennyDepp emergency

I told @bonenado yesterday morning if I ever get rich I'm buying him a prostitute. That man is living art with a vacuum cleaner. He's so loving all over the walls and corners and baseboards and furniture. Not just for floors, people. Behind doors, along the tops of curtains...

Yesterday's delightful little train wreck.

Some of you might be aware by now that we Americans are NOT going to get to see Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch on the Graham Norton Show tonight because of stupid BBCA holiday programming, thank you so much #Thanksgiving and #BlackFriday.

BUT we're in luck because someone is going to stream it on youtube. Or something. Click this for the countdown.

And if that turns out to be a dud (yes, new 3-day old account with a punny name and only one sub but we really don't know what that means, do we?) just put "live stream Graham Norton Show" in your search bar before 4:30 central time today. Good luck. Oh, remember that London time is currently 6 hours ahead of Chicago time. I have no idea where Graham Norton is really filmed or whether it's actually truly live. but 15 1/2 hours from right now puts the youtube stream at 7:30 p.m. central, and by then the actual live stream could be long over. And if all else fails, haunt the Graham Norton Show channel on youtube for highlights from the show. I'm always over there snooping through his stuff, he has the best late night show ever, in my opinion. I'm sure he'll be sweet and put #BennyDepp clips up for us fairly quickly.

This article on Ben wanting more kids- is he even ever home? (Browsing today's Ben feeds on the twitters, Ben is taking over the #behindthescenes hashtag today, in case you're bored and not out shopping.) Also-

Yes, some of us actually stay home on #BlackFriday and save lives. Check out this Black Mass featurette. You're welcome.

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