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Thursday, November 12, 2015


The day after the day before.

Wrapping the ol' bean around another day.

We've been crunching our way through the great ladybug plague of 2015, or #TGLPof2015. I'm thankful it's not as bad as last year's Town Infested With Swarm of Ladybugs Will Completely Freak You Out, but that was in another country. They made the news around here last year with Ladybug-like bugs infesting Missouri homes, which drives a person to look up things like Asian Lady Beetle vs. Ladybug and Good and Bad Ladybugs.

A person can study other people's words, but I prefer observation. Over the years I've noticed that it doesn't make a difference which one is coming into my house, because they both are. I've also noticed that the descriptions other people give generally don't include variations of solid black, solid white (I've got a picture of that one), a weird pink, varying shades of yellow (both with and without spots), even a green one here or there, besides the usual red and orange. I've noticed the spots can vary on the red and orange, too. Once in awhile I see one with only one spot on either side, or unmatching patterns from side to side, or straight lines of little spots, or spots so big there's room for only three on each side, or missing spots completely even on both the red and orange. All of these I've actually seen crawling around, usually on me. THE MEANINGS OF THE COLORS OF LADYBUGS totally backs me up on this.

There is also such a thing as blue ladybugs. Seriously. Check out Real Blue Ladybug Pictures! And there is one on a youtube.

I've personally never seen a blue one. Apparently, they also come in a range of blues and purples, and I would probably be less crabby about them flying up my nose while I'm driving or dive bombing right into my beverages or crawling all over every surface in my house if they were blue, because I really like blue. Click this to check out the blue ones.

And @TScottBrave is right, some of them bite like heck. Also, ladybug infestations can cause significant allergy responses, so there you go. Not the cute little cute things people think they are. I've cranked about having to dig them out of my ears and how difficult it is to get one off an eyelid without crunching them to bits right into your eye. I won't even mention how stupid going to the bathroom is with them around.

Back to my day. I've been rearranging my calendar since November began to stay ahead of the bus trying to run me over, but yesterday mowed me flat, so now it's recoup and hope a hawk doesn't spot me lying feebly on a rock and eat me. I need to be out the door by 8:00, very slowly and gently scraping myself together into a cohesive and hopefully coordinated, if not exactly complimentary, body set in motion. I'll probably klutz through the day and leave a wake of unintentional misdeeds. BUT HEY. I got @bonenado's hunting gear into the wash this morning. I've only been meaning to get to that for 2 weeks.

I forgot how sticky 2 year olds can be. My house is getting sticky. Nearly everything I touch is sticky.


I wanna be sleeping like Batman.

K, I need to focus. Youtube is trying to get me to watch Celtic Woman doing Christmas tunes.

click to see a list of Celtic Woman doing Christmas tunes
I'm going with an oldie but goodie. Pinky needs a brain hug. This is for #allthefandoms and hanging on for dear life down the wild and crazy holiday slide until we crash into tax season. I love you guys.

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