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Saturday, November 14, 2015

cute boyz

I wish my phone case had a leather hand sling I could slip my hand into, like how a ski pole and other stuff has, just wear it on my hand like a catcher's mitt without aggravating the carpal tunnel. And I don't mean those puny little finger slings, I mean a whole hand sling.

I mentioned yesterday that I was waiting for a visitor. Bunny missed this cutie coming over and playing with her toys again. He's going to grow up into a 6 1/2 foot giant like his daddy. Sorry about the blur, new phone probs.

Simple day today, I hope, although if @bonenado gets his deer it could get more complicated very quickly. Bunny might come over later. Not sure if I'll catch a nap, been awake since 1 a.m. watching the world because of the Paris shootings and that tsunami warning for Japan and so many other things all at once, it was incredible. I couldn't help noticing so much of the violence hit #WorldKindnessDay like a cosmic target.

I normally stay out of big stuff and don't opinionate, but I said a couple things yesterday that my own belief sector won't agree with. It's probably clear by now to regular readers that I believe there's no stopping a world government, and the last 24 hours only makes it more clear why we need one. Human rights need to be upheld across the board, and everyone looked on as equal world citizens. I'm not saying people can't have religious and political beliefs, I'm just saying whatever those beliefs entail shouldn't override basic human rights. I could say lots more (and you know I'm capable), but the whole world is overstating right now and I want to focus back on my own day.

Holidays coming up. Families... lol. Later, guys.

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