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Monday, November 16, 2015

post-terrorists-going-postal-on-Paris post

Little blue planet, big blue marble, Potatohoe, potahto...

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The point is we at least HAVE a planet to live on. Some people out there don't. No, I'm not smarting off. I'm just broadly saying plz to have a good day.

I know the suckage really sux sometimes. Wanna go hug those terrorists and squeeze those terrorists and call them George.

Love conquers all.

Actually made it to #latenightmovie Saturday, but wimped out about halfway through because I had been up since about 1 a.m. I've seriously got to start sleeping better again.

~couple hours later~

Ok, just got my #TWDLiveTweetReview snips done, racing the clock. Shower time, run out the door to PT...

This jam has helped me push through the last 24 arduous hours. I can do this. I woke up practically in #aspienado shutdown, so today is a real power through kind of day. Love you guys, be awesome.

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