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Monday, November 9, 2015

Utto nye usabia atoonyoba?

I am Jawa, hear me prattle meaningless syllables. The translation for the title of this post is "Want to buy a used droid?"

@bonenado is the best boyfriend ever and my favorite boyfriend of all time. Yes, he got me a new phone. I'll help pay on it, but he up front 18-month'd it, plan and everything, so I'm carrying around a mobile office again worth more than all the jewelry I ever wore put together. Well, it's hard to tell because I got such good deals during red tag Kohl's employee super discount sales. But pretty sure because I'm not a bling and bauble kind of person. Here is a gold Samsung Galaxy S6 with a "Brilliance" case. (If you really want that case you can pay much less on amazon or even less on ebay.)

Tried to get it on Scott's Turbo w/o the flash
but he hasn't figured his phone out yet
Basically looks like asphalt or tiny chat
or 'spirkles' that Eskarina Smith could tell
weren't real gemstones in 'Equal Rites'
(I like rocks...)
This does NOT mean I'm gonna start DMing &PMing the world again. Smart phones apparently severely aggravate not only carpal tunnel but cubital tunnel as well. I can currently barely keyboard, much less hold my new phone for any length of time.

As you can imagine, my weekend turned into a controlled crash while the laundry and dishes piled up, so this week is about excavating my way out of the rubble and devastation. Since we're still in the middle of the nerve entrapment approach in physical therapy, I'm kind of floating around feeling useless while my arms REST. This feels exactly like the Bell's Palsy felt years ago the first week, when my face felt 'tired' because the 7th cranial nerve had switched off. My arms feel very 'tired'. My muscle tone is awesome, but I have definite nerve weakness, and nerves take longer to heal than any other kind of tissue. Freeing up nerve pressure is like when little kids pinch your fingertip real hard for about 30 seconds and then let go, there's a rebound wham that feels like your fingertip will explode as the pressure comes back off the nerve. Went through that with my arms last week, and there's really nothing you can do but wait it out. My arms and hands are the most overworked parts of my body, and they are pretty sure vacation is hell and want the nerve pressure back on so they can't feel all this crap. I keep telling them that's how my mother wound up with useless and curled up arms as nerve damage eventually led to muscle waste, but they're being ridiculous and demanding 50 hours of work today. I poured coffee on them and said Ok, go to it.

I have a very busy day/week/rest of the month (as, I'm sure, do we all), so I'm trying to pace myself. Even so, I think we're nearly set for Turkey Day, and I'm hoping we have a tree up and cards out by the end of the month. I'm still not sure how I'm doing this, but yay! Just using the KISS method and not worrying about anything. I'm going to take the new phone slow, which will be easy since I'm so used to not having apps at my fingertips, and definitely won't go crazy all over them like I did with the last phone.

By the way, it was hilarious watching the Samsung rep at Best Buy try to import my contact list. He couldn't. He tried everything. Remember when I said I thought my HTC Sense conflicted with facebook updates that stepped out beyond the factory default settings and froze stuff up so bad that I had to start dumping apps? I got down to stone age twitter (HTC) with no perks and stone age youtube that could only pull in vids uploaded before a certain date, and I've been used to that for so long that I'll probably keep living like that for awhile. Anyway, my point- I wrestled my phone so hard that I was able to keep squeezing last gasps out of it, routinely getting "You have 13MB of space left" warnings, and once I think it even got down to 8. So this guy is trying to do everything I did with app wizards, app wipes, app dumps, until there was absolutely nothing left to do and clearly there was actually some room to breathe, but I had that phone packed so tight reorganizing my space on it that the new phone couldn't communicate enough to send a command over for the old phone to relinquish a contacts list. My old phone was that close to utter fail, and I was still using it. Kinda like being in a nearly dead space station orbiting a planet and hoping rescue shows up before the orbit degrades into epic crash. So, yes, I'm manually inputting contacts by carpal tunnel hand, slowly, like once in awhile I stick another one in.

But hey, NEW PHONE.

:edit: ~later~ I know, right? You guys couldn't believe I didn't put this vid in. Here you go.

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