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Thursday, November 19, 2015

the fandom gods and goddesses holding fans close in the night

I don't talk much about some of my fandom history.

There are wonderful things I wrote and deleted and dearly wish I had back that have nothing to do with Lexx or anything else you've seen in any of my blogs.

One of these days maybe I'll go there. In the meantime, most of you know I have a very wide range of friends in all beliefs, genders,


You know those quizzes on facebook that you have to allow to see your stuff and post for you? There's a new one from en.vonvon.me (don't go there, I think it's bugged) I did a few minutes ago, and I believe 'took over' my other applications that use java. Java is a great back door and that's why a lot of sites don't use it any more. However, blogger still allows java scripting, so there you go. Anyway, auto-save got pulled up short with this cute little flag-

I had no control at all and couldn't make it stop until I both deleted this post completely AND closed facebook. These are things your internet protection softwares don't warn you about or stop for you. Mine is super up to date and totally looked the other way.

Live blogging at its finest. Where were we? Oh, yeah, I have a LOT of friends around the world in all walks of life, all ages and beliefs and stuff, and what I'm saying is you guys really don't have a clue how deep some of my fandom roots run and how far back they go. I really mean it when I say "I love you guys" here and there. Fandoms keep me right.

We ALL have things to hide. Every single one of us. We all have secrets of some kind that we don't share. The one thing we all have in common is that we are all hiding something. Many of us hide truths about ourselves for our own safety and the safety of our families. Some of us come out into the open and take the crap.

There's a lot of line drawing and fencing in this world, and there are sometimes very good reasons for that. Pinky blog is a no fire zone, for the most part, unless I need to throw a few people into the Pond of Death, but don't worry, I don't really kill them.

I do have definite beliefs. There are definite rights and wrongs in this world. That's not why I'm here. I feel a little disappointed (again) in a few famous people who private post and force fans to wade through miles of belief muck just to be friended to a fave actor, but that's their prerogative and I respect that. My social media mantra is if you don't want someone seeing it, just don't say it. If you're a control freak and like that kind of power, more power to you, but real power lies in not using your powers. It's not a contest, but more people read my stuff than read theirs, and preaching to the choir seems like a waste of breath to me.

I have a huge day, time to pull my head out of the screen and get all over it. Love you guys.

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