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Friday, November 20, 2015

he had me at #allisall

Countdown to Turkey Day has already changed again. This has been the changiest month ever. I. need. staff.

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The whole next week is blanked out, huzzah! I'm on vaca! 

Ok, granted, it's like a working vaca without pressing pressure to drive away from my house to anywhere else. Will I finally get my floors done? 

I got kinda mixed up yesterday but I DID get both my lists done, yay! I am all over Christmas, baby. For the first time in, like, YEARS. Still not sure how long this will last and I'll suddenly morph into a brainless onlooker, so I'm keeping it cool, playing it slow, pretending I'm not all excited so I won't spook the brainster into hiding. Keeping the ol' chemicals balanced. Just sitting here sipping my coffee. What, *Christmas*? Nah, that was just a fleeting wisp of spontaneous thought, go back to humming along in your own little brain world. No big plans ~*here*~.

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I came home with 4 pounds of apples yesterday. All the fruits and veg coming in look so fancy and perfect now because holidays, so it's hard not to stockpile stuff that expires faster than we can use it. Maybe a pie will magically show up today. Got a weekend coming up, never know, might have visitors.

OH. New phone probs. I discovered this wonderful 'do not disturb' option, right? Well, I didn't realize that on this new phone, my voicemail is an app and that I hafta give that app priority and allow it to disturb me. I thought allowing calls took care of that, apparently not. When my screen goes to sleep and locks, some of those calls aren't getting through at all, and a couple of people have been trying to reach me for a solid week. I'd laugh except this is a big part of my month's scheduling flipping upside down and inside out. So I'm digging around, finding at least 3 different places where I hafta manually adjust settings just to let my voicemail alerts come through, wondering what overzealous coding freak has against incoming phone calls. I mean, I so rarely even get phone calls, it's no big deal, I just turn my sounds off and never hear them, the whole reason I have 'do not disturb' on is because NOTHING silences incoming notifications buzzing nonstop. So this weekend @bonenado and I are going to practice leaving each other voicemails.... what?

My brain just told me that's too much work to think about this early and kicked me right off the subject. It said find something more cheerful to talk about or it'll send me back to bed in an overload funk. No, no chocolate for breakfast. Oh, it's going to be like this today, is it? Demanding overlord brain vs spaz chillax brain. Brain halves, just ignore them. Think *breakfast*.

One bite of yogurt, we're all friends again. I need something silly.

And now some movie trailers.

This next one is inspiring some outstanding gifs. This one clicks back to the person I first saw it from, you can see it in action there.

Benedict officially began his reign over the #allisall hashtag two days ago, click here to see the very first picture tweet. Technically, the very first reference tweet belongs to this person, click that to see the convo. And technically technically, Ben was already taking over before people started hashtagging it, as you can see in this convo on how to break the internet.


I've come a long way since May 1st. I've never been so happily drowning in a fandom like I have this one.

Ok, 6:30, need to make a plan. I'm still a little exhausted from yesterday, but I slept great, thanks to another sub in PT who wasn't ASTYM certified and instead gave me the best massage I've ever had in my life. Hit my neck and shoulders really super hard, and it hurt like heck, but I s-l-e-p-t.

No plans are forthcoming. My brain is mocking me, pretending to not notice it's meeting time. Ok, let's prioritize then. The most important thing I can get done today is... oh, cute, my brain nonchalantly threw "The floors" back in my face. Ok, priority today is THE FLOORS. If I get nothing else done today, I want the floors to get done. All my will shall be bent toward this endeavor.

I call that a successful meeting for a Friday on the first day of vaca (vacancy, lol), and let's all get out there and have a great day. Cue inspirational jam. GET TO WORK! >=l FOCUS!!!

Aaaaand I immediately get lost in Sherlock Mean Girls smashes. I may have to embrace that this could be a nonproductive day. I'm clearly losing the battle here. Let's try this again. FOCUS!!!

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