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Sunday, November 1, 2015

on the line

Sunday, @ noonish

Trying to decide whether to rip off the source code in the popup box on the page this came from.

The popup looks like this. See that little x in the bottom right corner? When you click it, nothing happens except the real x in the upper right corner shows up, and there is no way to get to it to click the stupid popup out of the way, so it looks like the only solution is to fill in the blank.

This is the frame source.

I'm terribly lazy. I have several wordpress blogs and never downloaded the kit. I know, I'm a lazy loser. I'm looking at a WP plugin directory page about advanced iframes.

I'm thinking one of these days I wanna do evil stuff like that (but less annoying, because I want people to actually see my site without being a turd about it), but right now all I can think about is 1- food, 2- a nap, 3- how much less of an egotistical narcissist I look compared to this guy letting the whole world know he has 4300+ subscribed readers on a popup that looks like no one can get around without subscribing, and 4- that post was created 9 months ago and has only one like and one comment after 5241 views. I'm trying to decide whether that means the majority of the readers never figured out how easy it is to get the popup out of the way by clicking ~outside~ of that little box, or if the feedburner total could be counting from popups that open up across all his posts and then that wouldn't mean anything. Still, I'm oscillating between admiring his evil genius and eye rolling over 4/5 of his readers being that gullible if the simplest scenario is that the popup counts subs from each individual post. Just saying that the 4300+ subs looks like he's harvesting noobs, and that's not a good way to chest thump your score, especially when the content one scores on is other people's stuff collected into one place.

I'll be honest, I look at my feedburner about once a year because I rarely get subs, BUT, that doesn't stop lurkers from clicking and even bookmarking my feedburner reader because easier viewing and sneaky. You don't hafta sub to see a reader. I'll never forget the first time I realized that the lack of sub numbers didn't mean a lack of other stats. So yeah, that guy looks a little pompous, tricking people into subbing like that. But I do admire the evil genius of it.

1- The food part. I'm warming up sauerkraut and hotdogs. -- Ok, I just inhaled them like I've been starving for a week.

2- The nap part. Feels like a virus. Bunny's dad has a fever, @bonenado and I feel kinda weak and ache all down our arms and just wanna curl up under a blanket, and I'm really hoping this isn't a stomach thing because I'm hearing complaints. Keeping my fingers crossed I make it through the TWD live tweet tonight.

I don't know why I'm even still staring at my screen. I'm going to bed.

Still Sunday @ 3:30 p.m.

Ok, cool to figure out that google news allows personalization of news sources, so Pinky blog is apparently now being routed as a 'news' source. *snif*

Even if it's an arch-enemy keeping an eye on me, that's just an awesome thing to see in referrals, you know?

Yeah, I slept hard. I feel much better. If I were a zombie I'd at least be able to lurch around growling now.

~an hour later~

Sorry, wound up following a stalk link and laughed myself nearly out of my chair. I get nasty bronchial spasms when I laugh and can't stop, and then I croup for an hour afterward. I'm one of those people who are at risk to literally die laughing, as it were. Whenever I start laughing like that I have to do anything I can to stop laughing, so I quickly diverted back here to bore myself writing about it. It's working.

From Bronchial Asthma- "Intense emotion, such as crying, shouting, or laughing, may provoke hyperventilation, a rapid inhalation of oxygen that causes the airway to narrow. In asthmatics, hyperventilation often results in an attack. Many asthmatics are especially sensitive to physical exercise in cold weather." I just spasm so hard I can't draw in a breath and I can feel rapid hypoxia coming on almost to the point of falling down.

Yeah, y'all are wondering what made me laugh so hard. I'm not even going to try to explain the route getting there, except to say it started with finding out I'm actually referenced as an article source author for something completely unrelated to this.

Ug, still 3 1/2 hours till The Walking Dead. Back into Sherlock. See you all on the twitters later. I'm loving some fans.

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