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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Looking for some Strange?

That title used to be a Scifi Friday Prime Lexx promo. Let's be strange today.

click for "Benedict Cumberbatch Rumored To Be Martian Manhunter"
In his on-going quest to be in every film franchise ever...

 photo iturkey14-1.gif Power point today. You're welcome. (I have no idea how this is going to break down on your device, I'm playing with float left margins. It looks good on my laptop, all the hands line up with each power point. If it looks like gobbledygook on my phone later, I'm not going to fix it. It can represent the chaos that is my life.) (Yeah, like I wound up getting Bunny from daycare yesterday while mama was in 2-hour allergy testing, her ~entire arm~ reacted to everything trees and grass. Srsly.) (This power point is after wrestling with app downloads and settings at one in the morning when I popped awake for awhile)

My power point dots are The Walking Dead twitter 'hand' emoji

Pretty sure twitter created mute because its disable mobile notifications is broken.

People keep inviting me to get FB messenger- epic facepalm when I ignore everyone after I do?

I've had a skype account for 2 years. I've never used it. Ever.

The random people inviting me to hangouts gets a little disturbing.

Yeah, I keep all this stuff turned off. That's why I need staff, to manage my public interaction scheduling for me.

By the way, all y'alls twisting Christmas up into weird, looks like half the Christmas cards at Target are poop joke related, so there you go. Way to finish crashing an already worn out season right into the gutter.

But like Lady GaGa's people say, Pop will never be lowbrow. That's your doublespeak phrase for the day.

But let's cut to the chase. Benedict in pre- Dr. Strange costume, filming in Nepal. More info, and first look release from 11-7-15 here. (Lotta up close pix in that last link.)

TODAY. Still bringing order to chaos, then a couple crazy days back in town, no idea yet about Fri-Sun but I'm betting on more chaos, so let's get my jam on and GET TO WORK >=l FOCUS!!!

:edit: I just discovered Twitter SMS commands, yay!

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