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Sunday, November 29, 2015

the winds of change, or #kissmybatch

Time for some changes.

Six months ago I wrote faith in humanity. I very seriously meant every word I wrote in that post. I won't bore you with redundancy.

Facebook allows me to unfollow without unfriending so that things don't pop up and surprise me in feeds. Bless them for that. I'm not going to tell anyone what they can or can't do on their own timelines and blogs and whatevs, but I've said over and over I suck as a friend. Y'all can share all the spiders and mutilated pets and ground up baby burgers and freaked out vehement hate you want, but I can't wade through that to get to the one or two little updates about actual stuff in your real life. I'm sorry I'm not that strong, but I'm just not, so if I seem distant, it's probably because I can't see what's happening.

Twitter doesn't have a stay friends but unfollow option because the core of twitter relies on a tagging system, which makes muting someone a joke. I want to see some of the things I'm tagged in, but I also want to avoid some of the things I'm group tagged in coming in on the same stream. Alas, muting doesn't take care of this problem at all.

It would seem my only choice in this kind of situation is to block someone, because simply unfriending them doesn't stop the tag from getting through into my notifications. However, blocking doesn't work, either, if someone uses multiple accounts or the rest of the group keeps tagging me. I've tried everything on twitter, including spending hours of time over two years fine tuning list feeds and learning every trick out there, and I don't know what else to do.

What I'd really love to see happen on twitter is a priority notification feed, where I could filter notifications from people I don't want to miss out from the whole splat of incoming tag notifications. (The fave people option they tested last year also doesn't take care of the notification problem.) I've got hootsuite set up for a couple of things, but I'm not seeing a way to prioritize tags there, either. I could set hootsuite to stream fave people so I'd catch all their notifications there, but then I'd have to wade through every single thing at least 50 people tweet just to see what I'm tagged in, again, doesn't solve the problem. With facebook, I can elect to stop receiving notifications when I'm tired of a convo thread, but with twitter I'm stuck with continual notifications as long as the convo keeps going, even if I never respond, just because I am tagged in it.

What would Wil Wheaton do? Simply ignore and not respond, I guess, which is the original advice I got years ago anyway. Arg, this is hard. You wouldn't believe some of the junk I hafta wade through just to see tags from a handful of people I actually do want to see. I've had days where I get tagged nearly a thousand times, a few days more than that, one really oddball crazy day was nearly 3000. Been awhile since that one.

This is how aspienado agonizes. I use to inflict miles of thought process on innocent souls until they couldn't take it any more, then it was private blogs, now Pinky blog is letting aspienado whine 1- if it's brief, and 2- if it amuses Pinky.

It bothers me to reach a point where I consider actually cutting people off over a matter of inconvenience, because they are people and they are my friends. I'm trying really really hard, but I sure do wanna pop out a few eyeballs and toy with some brains, string brain coils out like yarn through eye sockets and stuff, but then I'd be an anti-friend and it would've been better to unfollow and block. So I'm arg-ing on a blog post.

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In the meantime, I need to keep up with my own growth and get back on track. I keep saying that, don't I? Yes, I called my staff in to a planning meeting today, I'm already cracking the whip over them, and they're whining like a buncha babies that we're still on holiday time.

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