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Monday, November 30, 2015

and maybe some thangs

Kinda feelin end of the month assessy, so I'm prowling around seeing new referrers and other quantum entanglements that now include dlvr.it and jobxd.com (yeah, no idea what bad craziness that pointer is- a hijack? a very confused entrepreneur?). Just discovered webac.co.

lol, yeah, not really, probably means what my blogger host is worth

My fave keyword search for the month is "real unicorns found alive with wings". Well you found Pinky blog and actually clicked, which I hope was awesome because I link through to sources. I don't just tease, I fulfill. Next fave keyword search is "Bestpix.blogspot.com wallpaper" and you can see Pinky ranks right up there on the first page with all my best pix are taken in bathrooms. The rest of the keyword searches I can see are for Rick and Marty Lagina, and you can get to my Curse of Oak Island posts here. There were 5 pages of "keyword unavailable", meaning nearly all of you finding Pinky blog in search during November were logged into google and therefore proxied beyond my ken. Congratulations on surfing anonymously and leveling up into creepy, lol. I love lurkers. Your business is your business, amIright?

I also discovered that my Pinky's Sox blog is getting popular behind my back. At least 2 referrers have already been shut down. Can't help wondering how pinkypinkyficion (not just removed but blog link forever banned) and glenncrest (still legit) wind up sending people to see my sox, but hey, we all have our thing. Mine is sox. If I were truly inspired to go big, I could probably have turned Pinky's Sox into an all-time porn parody blog by now. Either way, I'm wasted as a cabbie, as Sherlock would say.

Every time I mention Mantrid here on Pinky, my Lexxperience blog jumps. Mantrid, Mantrid, Mantrid. Ok, it's not done yet, but look, the DVDs are out and yes, I'm actually working on it.

I linked this pic to a complete series DVD search if you wanna buy Lexx. You're welcome.
Yes, click the pic.
I keep saying I'm going to stop talking about stats, but I get so many views coming through on posts tagged stats, just wanna hug you guys, whoever you are. You know, virtual hugs. In a Pinky's Sox kind of way. Ok, forget I said that. Don't DM me.

Moving on.

Oh, someone is asking where I got that chicken mug. I found it in Lilly's Floral inside a Pricecutter store, and the bottom of the mug says Maureen Murphy, licensed by Burton & Burton, "Cucina Rooster", and it's copyrighted by Maureen Murphy through Artworks Licensing. Ah-HA! Ok, I found it. I searched "burton and burton mugs cucina rooster", and you can see it's unavailable and out of stock everywhere. Sorry about that. Merry Christmas.

I need to get out my door in a couple hours, time to pull my head outa here and DO STUFF.

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