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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Girl Who Lived

From my Fear and Loathing collection, a wallpaper made by yours truly many years ago.
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Happy Holidays.
Timehop, lol.

Though I rarely whine on twitter, yea verily, I got caught and was duly admonished for this tweet complaining that I couldn't find a shark ornament while I was running errands around town. Steve lives by the ocean and immediately hooked me up with online shopping. Click this snip for awesome shark ornament acquisition opportunities.

So if I had that kind of money, I'd make a shark-only Christmas tree hung upside down from the ceiling. Get it? Treenado. Or whatever. Sharknado Christmas tree. K, was worth a try. Somebody go do that, I can't find any online, which means no one is doing it. IT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

Today is a GOOD day for me and my loved ones, no matter what else happens because of the girl who lived. Yes, I love saying that because of Doctor Who, plus Amy had red hair, too.

That title has a double meaning for us. When I wrote that post a couple of years ago about the girl who lived, it was a 'suicide post' for people with depression. I wasn't very good at writing about it, but that was the first peek that friends got online at something very real ongoing on in my life, although I didn't say at the time exactly what. Anyway, 12-1-11 is the day she was plowed really hard in a crosswalk after work and we nearly lost her, and even though things are still really hard for her, she's still with us, and because she's still here, so is another little guy in this world. He will be one in January.

This was his mommy a little over 8 years ago, originally uploaded to youtube on March 12, 2007. This video got me through so much of my own stuff, I can't even tell ya. This kid is my hero. She's been through way more than I ever have, and so terribly young through it all, and she's still hanging in there.

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