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Thursday, December 24, 2015

the nuts before Christmas- part 1

Christmas asploded at my house 4 days ago, full on ADHD/ASD collision, but I loved it. We realized years ago that our different neuro personalities are complimentary- one taunting, the other killing with glee, the first surviving because indestructible, the other planning strategies and vengeance, and in the end, what boils down to wild nerf gun fights with lots of munchies and chaos and the house pretty much being torn to pieces. I'm the biggest instigator in the house, so it's all cool. Well, @bonenado was already grimly going over offense with 5 a.m. coffee by the second day, but Santa was going to bring that boy some coal in his brownies and he knew it, so he tucked the nerf gun under his shirt. But he's still the best and the sweetest and I'll keep him forever. Every bit of this is as metaphorical as you want to take it, but accurate.

In the meantime, if you don't have a racket going on, you're not doing it right. Those of you with ASD kids will appreciate how quickly Batman adapted to a new house full of strangers.

Bunny had a LOT to do with Batman coming out. It also helped that us adults instinctively knew to stand back and be still while he acclimated.

Would've loved to get whatever this collision was about on camera.

A girl Flash. Take that, comic book and TV show people.

Skip a buncha stuff to later since I loaded this one first. We're not horrible people at all....

Loading more. All this new tech, you'd think @bonenado would go Hey, let's uprade our high speed plan, but noooo, 3 minute HD vids still snail along for 3 hours because he doesn't get that HD is a broadband hog. He spent a couple thousand on top of the line phone and laptop tech, but $25 more a month for our carrier to handle it doesn't make sense to someone from the stone age whose biggest requirement is fantasy football, and we share a 6 gig data plan, so I'm creeping on the router while vids load, nerf gun tucked into my back belt.

Batman trivia- his pediatrician says he'll likely get over 6 feet tall, but all 3 of my older nieces married into the 6-7 foot range, so I guess we're trending into the future. Batman and Bunny are only 2 months apart. Bunny's mama was like her, running all her calories off when she was tiny, but wound up taller than me and taking out regional volleyball and varsity basketball, so I just keep pumping that Bunny full of snacky stuff and don't worry about it.

Our Christmas is over, but we've got Bunny today while mama works and daycare is off for Christmas, so more rowdy starts in a couple of hours. I sort of have my brain back enough to keep vids loading in the background, so this is to be continued....

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