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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

don't put pink stuff in the search bar, it's a trap!

Big boxes starting to arrive for Christmas- Bunny's cool art stuff from Aunt Sploit, @bonenado's secret self purchases (no, not a Homer ball) (you gotta wait for pix), 2 jugs of my protein powder... That's good stuff, click it.

Almost got lost in ugly pink sweaters. Click it if it mesmerizes and calls to you.

Ok, I've gotta stop putting pink stuff in the search bar. These are the ones that made me stop, They each click out.

I stared at this one like a cat stares.

This was like traveling through a magic wreath into Purple Land.

I don't regret this one. You will see cool stuff if you keep scrolling there.
Don't worry, it's not all pink.

Pulling my brain back out of the webs and my eyes off the screen this morning is like someone pulling an octopus off glass. *WO*. Click this for Christmas octopus.

Completely off the whole Christmas subject, still impatiently waiting for Hillywood to parody Sherlock, but their new Hocus Pocus Parody is out. You can find more Hillywood in past posts, including Walking Dead, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lady Gaga, Supernatural, etc, by clicking on the Hillywood tag at the bottom of this post. (Mobile viewers may need to load web version to see the tags. This article explains why- Hide HTML in Mobile Devices For Blogspot without using 'Display:none' - [1]- It was a rollout blogger did, I didn't code it this way.) (I know, I could recode, but it would wind up sending me down another rabbit hole, and I. need. to. finish. my. Mantrid. post.) (Or I could link it like this. You're welcome.)

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