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Monday, December 28, 2015


my livingroom is about to explode according to this logic
Here's the thing. I'm still at least 5 episodes behind on Doctor Who, I wanna marathon everything Sherlock before the holiday special happens in 4 days, and I really really wanna see my fave Christmas-time movie.

click for the saddest meme collection ever made
What is my fave Christmas-time movie, you ask. Only the baddest assest movie EVER.

When asked what the all-time best ever Christmas movie is, my response exactly. #bumpit, Dwight.

Also, I feel like I'm getting a cold, my data plan is maxed out 10 days before rollover, my internet is super glitchy from this neverending rain, and lappy keeps abruptly shutting down anyway before it melts.

SO- I'm going to camp out on my couch the rest of the week and glue my eyes to my TV and lose myself in awesome. I can't say when I'll wobble back into your lives, maybe peek out once a day, maybe for New Year's Eve, maybe for the Sherlock special, no idea, but I need down time like you wouldn't believe. I've also got some planny thinky stuff to do. I hope your holiday weeks are going as smoothly as possible, and please don't do anything stupid.

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