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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

welcome to the Pinky Zone- Lexxperience

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Ok, that tweet I brought up is nearly at 500 impressions now in only 2 days. Would be fun if the actual post took off like that, but that's ok. The important thing is that Lexx fans are WAKING UP, just in time for the #Lexxversary.

If you are a Lexx fan and just now finding my personal blog, I'll summarize with a power point-
('Points' all come from the LittleLexx forum.)

I'm a real person living real life.

I made some pretty spectacular confessions about all the stuff I was hiding about my life while I was Lexxing back in the old days, starting mostly with last April.

I'm really out here for something else, not Lexx, but Lexx keeps popping back up, and I couldn't figure out why.

I finally figured out why in October.

Making the decision in 2012 to publicly embrace who I am in the Lexx fandom was a huge deal. Making the decision to be honest about my life was even bigger. I'm barely able to stay out here some days, and Pinky blog is a promise I made to myself that I would never disappear again.

I'm a multifandom fan who delights in other fans fandom smashing, crack vidding, and generally obsessing. I invented #SylarKhan, and my Khanlock post is among my top searched on google. I'm #TeamWells (several posts there), a Continuum junkie (I had to really sit on myself to avoid being consumed with it), a Walking Dead live tweet reviewer (also made a blog post), and many other things, including a Star Trek rant that I repented of. My home away from home is Syfydesigns (Pinky blog, Pinky Stuff, among other things). I'm also #aspienado and a spoonie, and my past extends way further back than Lexx.

The Lexx fandom completely turned me around a few years ago, total 180. I won't go into reasons why, but they're not the reasons you think. Most of the really important stuff (to me) wasn't public, but I do make this confession.

My husband has been more 'famous' than me in subtle ways, but since he doesn't do social media, it never went to his head. He's just glad I'm keyboarding as an alternative to being crabby on rougher days.

So, what's the plan? I actually have one, but it has nothing to do with Lexx. Lexx is a hobby for me, something I do on the side. I'm way out of the fandom loop nowadays, but the Lexxversary is coming up, and I think the best way for me to personally enjoy it is just find all the fans I can and share what I find into several streams on facebook and twitter. I'm not a collector (I gave most of my stuff away to other fans years ago), I don't hang out on forums any more, I've lost touch with just about everyone, so the Lexxversary is kind of like a rediscovery for me. What I'm noticing is that there is way more Lexx out there NOW than there used to be. *wow*

I love fans. I say that all the time. You guys save me in the long, dark nights of the soul. The Sherlock fandom broke me open last spring and I finally got my feels figured out (over several months), and all I can say to all of you, and especially one-

lol #SherLexx

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