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Saturday, December 19, 2015

the kind of friendship people dream of

This is how I'm feeling right now.

I think one person in the whole world will actually get this.

I had really weird dreams last night and woke up wondering if anyone had ever memed an invisible facepalm. Well, I did find three, all were dumb. Internet, you are failing me.

So in the dream last night, something about invasion and I was with a group huddled up in a building that hadn't been checked yet, and we were quietly arguing about the best way to breach the barrier if we could reach it, but before long the building was swept into, lotta crazy sorta really off the wall cruel military systematically taking and processing prisoners, and several of my people were lined up to be shot just a little way from me. Someone asked if anyone would care to volunteer cross over and become information cooperators helping find more people, and I immediately and without hesitation stepped out and said I would, and as I was led away, I noticed no one else did and I knew they were all hating me right up to the moment they were all being shot. I didn't look back, just kept going and followed directions and orders and found my way to where I'd be instructed next.

I never once felt like a traitor. I felt like a survivor. I was carrying information in my head forward into the future, and it had to survive. The only way I would be able to relay that information later on to the right person at the right time would be with a living body and mind, and I knew I could navigate my way through everything I didn't believe in to arrive to another place and accomplish the original goal, whatever it was. I never got that deep into the dream to where I actually thought about what the information was, I just knew it was important.

I woke up before anything else happened, was kinda mundane finding equipment and gear and the tactical team I'd be added to. I don't remember why I invisible facepalmed.

Anyway, back to my exhilaration. Stuff. Luvs. Yeah, I know I left at least one verb out somewhere up there. I don't care. Get over it.

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