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Friday, December 25, 2015

exiting with no shred of dignity and every intention of ripping straight into the new year

Continued from exit Christmas left.

srsly, the search link clicks back to that whole thing
have fun
And now I'm loading all the GWT data back in. Remember when I disabled that awhile back because they had a hack and my numbers skewed up to Saturn alla sudden? This is me and statcounter fussing over GWT irl with my brain half off because I can't wake up from the first real nap I've had all week. It's not helping that my internet keeps timing out every 30 seconds.

Everything in me is screaming GET TO WORK! Not one thing in me is going >=l FOCUS!!! I may just be useless the rest of the day while @bonenado is outside doing all the chores he's been wanting to get done for a month. He came through earlier, I was barely interactive enough to handle yes and no responses, although I did get a pan of BBQ ribs into a slow oven. Not sure I should even look at twitter or facebook the rest of the day.

So youtube it is! Let's see, something that'll jerk my mind into some kind of gear without turning me into #smashallthethings. I'm in a delicate state, my brain is tender from all that holiday stuff.

Man, fans crack me up.

I know, we're getting excited, aren't we? SHERLOCK SPECIAL COUNTDOWN!!!!!

Yes, yes, we KNOW, there's a Doctor Who special TONIGHT. Don't worry, I'M ON IT. Doubt I tweet with it, though.

Ok, back to the fan stuff. They know that trailers alone aren't sustenance enough for this length of wait.

I'm just going to leave this here. You know I'll be buried in youtube and munchies off and on until Doctor Who comes on.

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