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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pinky being Lexxist, crossing streams, creating impressions

Playing around with twitter analytics. I haven't checked on my twitter stats since last May.

Most seen tweet in the last 6 months (purportedly over 6500), which links to #TBT why I stopped writing fanfic... If you remember what I think of impressions, you know this doesn't swell my head, especially when you know that post currently has only 92 views on it. All anyone has to do is look at the 3 people who retweeted it and see how their following numbers wildly inflated the 'impressions', which means the possibility of all their followers seeing my tweet.

What do you mean by reach, exposure, and impressions? Yes, click that.

All the same, numbers are fun, what the heck. I'll take it.

To stress my point, this tweet from forever ago got over 49,000 impressions, according to twitter analytics. I imagine the best explanation is that a lot of people on twitter must have searched the keywords zyrtec and winter and this tweet got pulled up in the list of related tweets, but that doesn't mean a lot of people saw *this tweet*, just that they could have seen it.

But sometimes numbers really do mean something.

Best test of stats tweet in the last 6 months, significant because it links to the one thing I've made that isn't available on search engines or in any of my other blog link menus, so I can get a controlled engagement comparison beyond what twitter tells me is happening.

Most engaged tweet about Lexx in the last 6 months (and 3rd for most engaged overall in the last 6 months), significant because out of all the Lexx links I've put out, this one linking to an interview at Lexxverse wins for overall media engagements, link clicks, detail expands, profile clicks, retweets, and likes. (I know simply looking at the tweet, you guys can't see all the stuff that's going on with that tweet, it doesn't *look* like it's very engaged at all, but I tweet a LOT of stuff that never gets retweets or likes and still gets me plenty of blog traffic. This particular tweet got a nice number of click outs.) Lexx fans from back in the old days will appreciate what this means. This is proof that we can all get along, and there doesn't need to be any fighting over who's hosting what content. As long as the content is properly linked, we can all find creative ways to become part of the Lexx fandom supporting that content. I am NOT taking sides saying this. I believe all parties involved in that disagreement had valid points, and more importantly, social media has evolved into linking as content. It's complicated, but I'm on the cutting edge of driving traffic through tweet linking, and that makes me an important and valuable component in the Lexx fandom. All Lexx fans can become productively engaging components if they wish.

That being said, and still concerning Lexx by way of my own content, this was my most seen tweet in August, and my first and second most seen tweets in November. I think it's safe to say I own Lexx on the twitters. That's tongue in cheek sarcasm after all the silly flak I went through about trying to take over a fandom. Anyone who is willing to put the work into it can accomplish this. To the fans who are paying attention, the competition is over. We are all one fandom. I use my talent and hard work to promote others, and in so doing, successfully promote myself. This is how social media works nowadays. Here, lemme throw a rhythmic rendition of an IDEA out there. This is awesome.

Can you imagine how awesome the Lexx fandom would look if we'd create crack!vids and shipper vids and have FUN with it? (Like the old Frey days.) One can dream. Just an idea, guys. Loosen up, lighten up, just throw stuff out there and let the world play. So we don't have Funko and Lego and lunchboxes, boink them. WE CAN MAKE OUR OWN. Some fans have already been doing this, well, jump in. Want more Lexx? MAKE MORE. Anyone can create content.

And if you share content, properly link it back. The whole internet has turned into shared content and I'm still running into people all the time who fail to link where they got something from. This pic clicks back to a search source. It's that simple. Look at all that great content I just shared.

And here is the original page.
There, I just sent fans to content.
But let's jump off Lexx and get back to my twitter analytics, most of which I'll not bore you with. So far this next one nearly blew all the rest of 6 months away yesterday, the tweet snip clicks out into the convo. I smashed the pic from two pix other people made long ago during a really bad year when I was legally intoxicated 24/7 for months on meds because I was so ill. The gang in the convo involves several artists and musicians and/or music history enthusiasts and they call themselves #TeamSpooge (that links to my #TeamSpooge tagged posts, if you're wondering what in the world that is). This gang inflates my numbers more than any other group on twitter, and they're just a small gang. And weird, but I love them.

:edit: Some of this content has been removed due to conflict of interest. 3-27-16

Ok, having fun on twitter, next snip clicks to convo. @THEbitchiestgay is pretty awesome. So are Matt and Kurt.

If you're new to me, you need to know how liberally and how often I mock stats. "Impressions" are my favorite skewed analytic to throw darts at. I think people misunderstand some of what I point out when I bring this stuff up. @THEbitchiestgay got it immediately, and he's right. *I* look at my own twitter profile every time I open it up. I doubt 1500 views in 5 days are all mine, but anyone who's ever looked through their browser history for something can see how often their own pages are counted as browser hits. I easily fill up several pages of browser history just clicking around in my own stuff. Blogger lets me turn off counts from my own computer, twitter does not, so that number really isn't that impressive.

What truly impresses me is when people dig for the easter eggs I leave laying around in Pinky blog, or the things I never bother linking and tagging. I have several posts that maybe one or two people in the world have seen because there are like only 6 or 8 hits on them, and I know that at least 2-3 hits per post are my own phone while I'm reading back through for typos.

light switch rave- currently 8 views

zombie apocalypse, just keep running and don't look back- currently 8 views

Easter Egg- currently 6 views

I'm playing a game. Sometimes other people play with me. Sometimes I watch the world light up watching me playing a game. Either way, it's all about winning impressions, isn't it?

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  1. I'm laughing because I get way more twitter profile views than that a month now. Way more...