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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

observations while I load family videos

I finally got my first spam comments here on Pinky blog. The only way the spam comments got through my border patrol was via spam G+ spam account, so I'm really glad I had the moderation set to pending, and they only hit 4 posts before they gave up. Not bad. I've had a lot of blogs, have seen all the spam, have been wondering if the tight controls on blogger were a dream come true or something. All the same, might oughta set my other blogs the same way, just in case.

Timehop says this was a thing last year. I forgot all about it. I ripped the code but I can't make it work here (mean ol' blogger!), so if you can see it there, click on the circle button to see the cool card.

This tweet got more actual engagements (counts more than RTs & favs) than anything else I've tweeted all month, including anything Lexx.

It's kind of weird being public, because my own silly self stuff gets more actual traffic than Lexx stuff, but the most interesting thing I'm discovering this year is that crossing these streams spikes that traffic in all directions. I'm not any kind of social media butterfly, but I do have fun experimenting with how to move traffic, and since that was my goal from the very beginning, I feel like I'm having a really good year. Spoonie #aspienado openly sharing my #Lexxperience multifandom style is working better than anything I've ever done to get more eyes on both me and Lexx. Interesting.

My crew is just about out the door and back on the road, so Christmas is pretty much over here, except for what's left between @bonenado and Pinky behind the tree. I'm wiped out, so I probably won't be popping out on the twitters much yet. Mostly family texting and stuff this week, has been forever since so much has happened on Christmas at OUR house. It's nearly time to GET TO WORK! >=l FOCUS!!!

Meanwhile, got a little weird here on Pinky blog. All that angsting for months, suddenly dropping hints...

I'm floating.

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