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Sunday, December 13, 2015

resoluting- going back to basics

This is an older tweet, but it's a good visual of the #TeamSpooge spirit getting through holidays. Holidays can be really hard sometimes. And weird. And really pink.

clicks out to convo

Brief jaunt over to the Pond.

Back to real life.

I'm in a pretty deep funk, trying to hold my stuff together through holidays and another winter, got a pain level going and family drama and my self-incrimination is eating away at me again, like it does this time every year but hardly anybody knows about it because I really don't share it.

Every day I tell myself I can do this.

Every day I remember that I believe in what I'm doing.

Every day, no matter how bad I hurt or how sad I feel or how hard stuff seems, I remember that I'm back out public to be good for people.

And above all, I don't waste time feeling guilty over people who bring their problems on themselves. I'm sorry they're stuck like that, but dragging me down into it isn't going to get the bigger work done. I own that I'm a sucker, and I need to get off this wrong way track I've veered off on and GET BACK TO WORK.

I've decided I'm not going to talk to any more new strays, I'm going to stop responding to vague 'hows it going' chatter from people who can't be bothered to click a link, and I'm going to have a really good 20th anniversary year Lexxing with the fans, which means I'll have to reassess my social media priorities and stick to my gangs.

I think I just made my New Year's resolutions.

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