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Friday, December 18, 2015

get me some feliz, stat!

OH, I need some Christmas cheer.

One of my nieces went last night, friend of theirs is 501st. I saw this going around, had to nab it for her, just had a kid last month and named it Rogue, so next year he'll be one. Get it? Beat that, guys.

Can you blame the guy? Yeah, after what happened to Vulcan... No one is sacred any more. But some of you have seen the movie now, hoping the disturbance I felt in the Force yesterday wasn't y'all freaking out about anything really bad.

I woke up thinking I need to pull out the big guns today, wound up in NSFW Lady Gaga Land (I forgot about the really early Christmas stuff), then the angsty SW stuff, and I'm pretty much descending into holiday hell. I'll just leave it here and keep getting ready for Houston to asplode Christmas 4 days early at my house. I don't think anything tops John Crichton and Scorpius Claus today. I'm sure my Sploit would approve.

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