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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

thinky planny stuff coming back online, sort of

Pinky Robot is orienting to time and space again. Just realized my deposit was last week and I haven't even looked at bills yet. I marveled about being so on top of all that the last 8 weeks, bills all done ahead of time and stuff, and now I'm coming to in this weird braincation week after the big Christmas splat.

I got calendars for Christmas. Funny, huh? My kiddo was awesome and got me this one.

I've also got a calendar of islands in the bathroom and of landscapes on the wall behind my mobile office work station. I'm going to pick up a tiny calendar for my kitchen today, find a new place for it since I obviously never look at the old one and discover I missed turning the months all the time.  I started missing appointments again even with 3 calendars and a planner, so now I'm up to 5 calendars and a planner. We'll see how it goes, not having to walk into another room just to consult one, and having to write my scheduling in triplicate-duplicate. Did I mention @bonenado has his own calendar? Oh, and those of you trying to get my attention about blahblah smart phone calendars and reminders blahblah, NO. I spent years on jobs scheduling into computers, there is no sadder mess than incorrect data entry and the time wasted fixing it. If I have to push buttons for a quick glance, it's no longer a quick glance, and tech scheduling doesn't keep me oriented to day/week like a paper calendar and a TV schedule do. Go try your own brain fail and get back to me.

As I'm reorienting away from the things I let distract me from GET TO WORK! and FOCUS!!!, I am leaving behind the reason for the Pond of Death. I'll say it plainly, I've been getting trolled, and someone with my experience was caught playing the fool to several chain yankers. I've never been the sort who appreciates emotional negativity being used as a control tool, and for the life of me I really don't know how and why I stepped up into the role of puppet, because that's not who I am and it's stifling me, so I'm no longer playing the head games. This whole trying to be nice thing is backfiring in nasty ways, and it's back to the old PR mantra- "Don't respond."

And I don't care who makes the rounds saying what. I got caught in the web of attempts at explanations years ago over an expertly organized and choreographed train wreck with me at top billing to a whole table of actors in a public venue with 25,000 people on floor and a world fandom witnessing (I've recently been told there is more underground video than I was aware), and I learned hard and fast that no one wants to hear the sane side of anything, because so many fall for the bedazzlement of train wrecks. That's the magic of trolling, it makes people *feel* stuff, and they emotionally respond. Once that happens, they're invested, and then they automatically become bad guys when they realize they're also caught in an infinite loop (along with the target) and try to wriggle out. What's even more ridiculous is getting caught in a chain gang. Well, I'm not caught if I don't respond. I'm sorry I'm watching friends go through the ridiculous redundancy of serial trolls (true colors will out given enough time), but all we can do is live and learn. Some people like being yanked because it feels like they're getting attention, others figure it out and move on. We all have our paths to take.

Back to real life.

So I wept my way through The Long Kiss Goodnight yesterday. I really do just weep nearly all the way through that one. By the way, there is nothing like a good weep to clear out a sinus infection. Sorry, TMI. But that one touches a few nerves. My past isn't nearly that intense, but the whole bit about the kid IS. Waking up one day and realizing you're that parent who dragged your kid into some pretty bad stuff is a horrible memory you never get over. What's worse is realizing how many different ways it happened. The rest of my life was spent protecting my child from unbelievable possibilities of horrific proportion. Yes, in the book. Still working on it.

After that (and a few chores around the house), I started the Sherlock marathon. I generally don't share my blow by blow thoughts about TV shows, but I'm going to tell you guys something I've never said anywhere yet. "A Study in Pink" bored me to tears the first time I saw it. It was too easy. I had a taxi figured out almost immediately, and the whole convo with the cabbie had me yelling at the TV. They're talking like they're the 2 smartest guys having a chess convo about a deadly game of chance, and I'm mocking it the whole time. First of all, Princess Bride all over again. Second of all, who trusts a killer to tell any kind of truth? Third of all, I've mentioned my mom poisoned me growing up. (Eat that one, script writer.) My first instinct would be to grab both bottles, open both pills up, mix the contents, scoop them back together into the pill casings, and then challenge the cabbie right back. By the way, I know a real gun when I see one, too. Oh, and if the cabbie HAD been a real thinker, he'd have noticed immediately that the passenger he picked up had left her case behind in the car. What cabbie doesn't notice something left in his cab, that's his JOB. If I'd been sitting there with Sherlock and the cabbie, I'd have pumped a few more questions out.

In case anyone thinks I'm anti-Moffat, I hold him in the highest esteem as one of the highest ranking writers on the planet, case in point, he's mesmerizing the whole world and his TV shows are the first to world sync live viewing. I'd love to have that kind of power.

Anyway, I've picked mercilessly on every Sherlock Holmes show I've ever had the displeasure of sitting through with @bonenado (he loves Sherlock Holmes, years of all variations of Sherlock Holmes), actually have to leave the room for the American series version (@bonenado loves it). You know what caught my eye in this series? The whole starter being about John Watson's blog (genius), and the car windows. The layered lights reflecting in the car windows, the constant mirrored reflections, all the detail that went into the filming, and verily I was pleased and couldn't wait to see the next show. Modernizing Sherlock like that converted me, a staunch anti-fan. Mrs. Hudson is really awesome, too. I'll hafta stop before I start gushing about the whole thing now, just check out the trailer if you haven't ever seen Sherlock yet.

Sidenote- This series, which I discovered only just this last spring, has given @bonenado and I reams of new stuff to talk about. I get to ask him tons of questions and he gets to be the Sherlock Holmes expert. It's been really good for my marriage. Just saying.

My braincation will be slightly interrupted the rest of the week. I say slightly. Today is a major trip around 3 different towns running errands, tomorrow is a Bunny day, and the rest of the weekend is New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. If you still don't see me much on the twitters or facebook, it's because I'm trying to bury my face back into my marathon when I'm not committing my attention immediately elsewhere.

A friend introduced this group to me last night. Pinky Robot strongly approves. I'll just leave this here with my ode to Shakespeare's 116th sonnet.

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