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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

the folly of office work during the holiday slide

I told my staff yesterday that they could decorate their work stations for the holidays, on the proviso that they 1- do a 30 minute workout later (we are a health-conscious work force), and 2- actually do some real work. Yeah, right.

aspienado's work station
You know how that goes, office slump after a grueling Monday back after a big holiday weekend where people were moving furniture in the rain and whatevs. Hey, their lives are their problemos, but once in awhile ya gotta cut your people some slack, right? I think our slack turned into party and went outa control.

bluejacky just wants New Year's to get here
Anyway, they all wanna show off their screen savers, so bear with me while I update our website with our holiday cheer.

Janika is the drag in the office.
Don't tell her I said that.
I've been invited by a Russian Lexx fan to discuss one of my articles. In Russian. I'll hafta think about it. What's awesome is that my content is being heavily discussed (as I can see through google translate) as a legitimate look at how the film industry captures and uses political process along with personal agenda to involve the viewer, if I'm correctly summarizing some of the finer points.

aspienado butted back in. That says "Hasta la vista, meatbag!"
Imagine working with this person every day.
Yeah, not even a holiday theme.
I've mentioned my newer friends don't know who I am. I am translated and quoted all over the world. It actually is a really big deal that I'm finding a way to be an ASD person living out loud and managing to keep all my friends. People know me.

Yablo's work station.
I caught Yablo passing around a bottle of real vanilla to spike the hot chocolate protein shakes with.
I know some of you still can't imagine it, but I am contacted on a fairly regular basis by people from all over the world, some of them very deep lurkers, some very famous, mostly fans from one fandom or another, so when I kind of lose it over a handful of people continually trying to private message me every little bit like we're buds and I've got time to drop everything and yap about your day one on one (Pond of Death stuff), it's because I truly am overwhelmed and need staff. I keep saying I need staff.

And y'all know this is Pinky's work station. Lotta pink splat there.
Through all this, I remain rogue, an independent review writer not umbrellaed under nor paid by a host network. All the writing I do online is for free. I even pay for some of my blogs out of pocket and never ask for donations or sell ad space. I don't monetize. Because of this, I don't show up on the radar as being a 'serious' blogger, although, aside from the continual churn of content curation, I am the most quoted and translated writer/reviewer I know.

The boss of me walking around with the coolest mug. Show off.
I found this mug in my local HyVee floral but it was the only one and I can't find more online.
click for artist on facebook
click to buy similar mug by the same artist
click for her Etsy store
We've even got an office game going- guess how many candy canes are in the container. No, I have no clue. I just stuffed them in there. My staff will put their guesses into a bowl and we'll find out later who wins. They all wanna know what the prize is. Prize? What prize? Hmmm....

click to shop for Bob's candy canes
So. An invitation to jump into a serious discussion of my own work through translation software. Extremely flattering. A little daunting. Something I'd very much like to do, but do I have the time. I got up after 5 hours of sleep to finish a live tweet review that has already gotten just shy of 500 views in the 12 hours since I tweeted the link to the first panel, over 6200 views on that thread since the show started back up in October. In the meantime, Pinky Stuff still outranks The Walking Dead for total views on SyfyDesigns by 10,600 views, and my original  zombies post there is over 12,500 now. I'm not even going to mention the Lexx views, I about fell outa my chair last night when I saw them. Is it ok if I keep staring in disbelief at this one? This is your brain on JJ Abrams (I did repent later.)

THIS is how you decorate a tree.
Imagine what I could do if I had more than imaginary staff.

Lotta magic going on out there.
I have a unique angle. As long as I stay fairly rogue, I don't get drowned out in other people's stuff. Because I don't get paid, I make my own motivation. Being driven with obsession is a guilty pleasure. I love what I'm doing even when no one sees it, as evidenced by years of private blogs.

I'm think I'm getting a new kid this year for Christmas.
Santa knew we needed another one. =)
Anyway, I've got to run into town again today.

Wearing your enemies. Pinky approves.
Always busy, well, except when we decorate the office, and then we work overtime. Yeah, they're all sorry now that they never came back after lunch. Gonna be a long day today.

So when I say a fandom jumps every time I whisper 'her', it's real.

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