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Friday, December 4, 2015

"I waft my musk in your general direction."

So, yeah, the big fight. I know some of you are waiting for what the crap after I burned a few eyeballs the other day.

1- I told you I'm mean.

2- I kept warning and warning that cork was set to pop.

3- I always win.

Srsly, it's all good. I've been wondering for 3 1/2 years when someone would finally trigger me, and we had bets riding on this one in my house.

I gave my kids coal one year. Ok, it was bubblegum made to look like coal. Pretty nasty.  photo smileysanta.gif

Anyway, water under the bridge. I don't hate anyone.

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I started off last December pretty loopy after the Thanksgiving holiday, and between not even being a drinker and hardly any meds in my life at all anymore, that was pure brain drain.

Anyway, I'm starting off this December going full force, dealing with internet laws and stuff, actually got a Christmas box mailed out yesterday (some years in the past I didn't even do cards, and my own kids got stuff late), my house is cleaner right now than it's been in the last two years, no one has died this year so far (that's a biggie), and I actually attempted listening to Christmas music.

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My day today is all about Mantrid and a self spa day. That's right, Mantrid in a jar is inspiring me to get all over my bodyscaping (super awesome black light bodyscape site) like Caitlyn (I had a Bruce Jenner Wheaties box for a long time, guys). And cracking up on the Graham Norton youtube channel.

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