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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

ten more days until Christmas

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Kinda thinking that was more than just an ear infection Bunny had last Friday. Some kind of germ warfare going on in my head. I can feel the battlefield all around my brain. I'm carrying around a massive military defense against an incursion. In my head. It hit about 11 yesterday morning and suddenly I was tipping over on the couch. The rest of the day is kind of fuzzy.

So we went from balmy beach weather to slick frost on the deck overnight. Whatever, as long as it stops ladybugs from getting into the house. Two months of ladybugs crawling all over my kitchen has gotten really old.

I didn't make it to #latenightmovie Saturday after sitting through a 2 1/2 hour company Christmas dinner, but that one is really sticking with us anyway. @bonenado was so impressed with a 1959 version of "Santa Claus" described as "In a battle of good vs. evil, Lucifer sends his trusted demon Pitch to earth in an attempt to corrupt children and get rid of Santa Claus." that he had to share it at work. Sound like fun? Here you go. CLICK

We're kind of in a facebook quandary. Real life people that don't know who I am on FB are finding him, and we're just not ready to cross those streams yet. I mean, my people irl have all been sat on and commanded not to out me, but his people aren't nearly so social-tech savvy and could conceivably make things a little too interesting. I'd love to say it would be no big deal and I'd mostly be ignored, but a few are a bit gossipy (for lack of better hobbies) and one in particular likes to start trubbas, purportedly (and this is a quote, I didn't hear this first hand)- "To see the looks on everyone's faces." Could be ridiculously bombtastic, or it could be no big deal. Either way, sooner or later, it's coming. Once that fabled book comes out, there'll be no stopping it. Have you ever heard of someone dreading getting published? That's me. That'll be the last big line of brazenly stupid I cross.

Meanwhile, everything Lexx has started really taking off on the twitters. This is over the last 7 days. That third one down is less than 24 hours old. Told you that people know who I am.

Back down to earth today, buncha real life to do.

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