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Thursday, December 24, 2015

the nuts before Christmas- part 2

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This continues from part 1.

Bunny has an inviting way, being a super social kid, and Batman loved hanging out with her. His mom told me he's already really into football, gets him very excited.

The stairs are the coolest part of the house. We find out here what the mysterious 'ow, ow' was in the background in a video from part 1. It was really cool seeing how quickly Batman would follow leads and be part of a group. I'm told his daddy can build a computer from scratch, and that Batman is already trying to take things apart and see how they work. Keep this in mind when we get to part 3.

Twink is trained for ASD kids and worked in both a school system and a big hospital daycare before she certified for massage therapist and then moved into medical billing, so she's our specialist in the house. I was a super klutz as a child, always the one getting torn up and bloody or throwing up from sensory overload and very rarely got an empathetic couple of minutes from the adults around me during holidays, so this is radically different and wonderful for me to watch. I am so proud of my kids, I can't even tell ya. (I remember being introduced as 'the screamer', to polite laughs, and since I failed to disappoint, I had a reputation for years. Back then, people didn't know how to integrate ASD kids into social situations.) Interestingly, Twink was diagnosed super ADHD by third grade, and was an extremely socially aware child all her life, as is Bunny. These neuro traits seem like opposites, but @bonenado (ADHD) and I (ASD) have been married 23 years, which I think says a lot about atypical relationship combos. We make a really good team. (Or, you can stick with Leo goes well with Scorpio, whatever floats your romance boat.)

Believe it or not, ASD is actually normal for some groups of really smart people. We'll meet my dad in the next post. Four generations of ASD in one house with hyper yappy ADHD going on all around us. To be continued....

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