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Friday, December 25, 2015

exit Christmas left

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you're welcome
Munching on nachos while I play with statcounter. This is the quietest my house has been all week. The tree is even down already. Some of you out there are jealous, your reactions just went back in time and zapped my fingertips through the keyboard. ~metaphorically~

I played around with blocking cookies several weeks ago and have been both too wildly distracted and lazy to go fix it, so basically I haven't been able to see most of my blog traffic through the whole month of December. Hilarious, no? I mean, blogger says you're there, but it's as nonspecific as saying there are sox in the dryer and never opening the door to let me see which ones and how many and stuff.

It's kinda funny. At the time I was on my new phone and all like Yeah, let's make an across the board blocking cookie for all my projects, and later in the night (this actually woke me up out of a sound sleep) I realized that using a generic proxy IP for the cookie actually blacked out 4/5 of my U.S. visitors using anything remotely akin or linked to or through my own host network, so yeah, facepalmed right there in bed in the dead of night. What really got cute was the rest of you super lurking suddenly showing up like neon for awhile because the bushes around you were gone.

Anyway, most of you vanished like the UFOs got you in the Bermuda Triangle, but I just kept thinking Oh, well, I'll get to it later and never did (like finishing the Mantrid post, which I brought up over 2 months ago). But it was a nice trade off because I actually got to keep my brain in through Christmas week for the first time in years and I'm not croaking off as badly as I used to despite all the roughhousing, so all in all, I'm good with it.

I so wanna try these
So now I just removed #alltheblockingcookies. I'd make a Santa cookie pun here for those of you who didn't get what you wanted this year and he couldn't find you, but part of the brain trade is that I'm stuck in literal mode now and all I care about is the next nacho in my face.

Yes, I removed the snowflakes. You're welcome. If you've only ever seen Pinky blog on a phone, you have no idea. Doesn't mean I won't torture you with something else. Oh, wait, I found a snow plow script... At least the snowflakes are smaller. And I'm all ready now, @bonenado got me some new slippers for Christmas.

My new laptop is in, but I told them hang onto it. I've still gotta take stuff in for them to load and maybe transfer or copy some things from lappy, and I'm a worn out Pinky. I've nearly melted lappy a few times this week, and getting close again now. Time to find my cue exit stage left jam. Haven't done this one for awhile and I'm in a really good mood. Whadayasay?

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