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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I can't believe all my best keyword traffic is Rick Lagina

Worked like a bat outa hell all morning, then about one o'clock remembered this thing called 'lunch'. After that I was like a spoon in really cold sorghum, it'll stand up straight like it's stuck and take forever to fall to the side. What's dumb is how sunny and warm it is outside and how chilly I still feel inside my house. I feel like I need an electric robe. I'm fully dressed, but I'd take a fleece robe with batteries right now. My sweater's just not cutting it.


Except I'm still not paying that much, but there you go if you want one for Christmas. You're welcome.

I think part of it is that I use my hands and arms so hard for hours, then when I quit they're jetlagged and get really cold. I feel like I need to be wearing mittens. Once my hands warm up, like they are now on the keyboard, the rest of me doesn't feel so cold.

So while my brain turned into cold sorghum with a spoon in it, a really slow thought crept in- What kind of new year resolutions should I make? I checked last year's, and apparently failed all of them, even though there were only three.

Let's see, I've put two pounds on since then, own more sox than ever, and there's no way I'll get my paperwork properly processed aside from keeping piles segregated with Walmart sacks because we're so constantly grabbing and moving things around. You know, Bunny and the mobile office thing.

My fave keyword searches clicking into Pinky blog over the last week are 'Rick Lagina dies' and 'Rick Lagina porn'. 0_o Wow, guys. Just for that, I'll put 'Rick Lagina' in the tags in case anyone else finds this and wants to read what I've actually got on him, which isn't much. Yes, I think he's hawt, too. That's about it. Thanx for clicking, though. And so you're not too terribly disappointed, here is The Rick Lagina Fan Club on facebook and another interview. I'm not seeing any Rick Lagina fan art or shipper, crack, parody, or autotune vids, although just about everything from the show is on youtube now. Hey, I'll make the world's first Rick Lagina meme.

There. Now where was I? Oh yeah, sorghum. Twink wants to try making homemade eggnog ice cream this weekend, so there's a party already brewin' and you know I'll be in the middle of it. I should wrap a present and stick under the tree. Yeah, just one present sitting there, kinda ramp up the

Wow, I can't believe how many facepalm memes there are for socks
omg I just remembered I wanted to make a sox tree this year and I forgot. Yes, decorate the tree with all my novelty footies. Dang it. Ok, that goes on the resolution list. Next year, the white tree is MINE and I do it up in sox. By the way, I had no idea this was a thing but apparently there are designer compression sox all over the place, so now you know what to get your fave older relatives.

Yes, we need an escape plan.

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