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Sunday, December 6, 2015

a mole musical with a creepy ice cream bunny and Santa getting too hawt, wait....

Blurbs. Today through the years.

2007- no title

Reading through the news this morning and ran into this funny statistic on a blogger site comparing the cost of oil per barrel to other liquids.

"Whiskas: a milk specially made for lactose-intolerant cats sells for $1.29 for a 6.75 oz box. A barrel would retail for $1,027."


Second post that year.

It hit right at noon on the dot here at my house.  Freezing rain.  Twinkles called on her way back to her place from college and said it was really bad up there, sleet and rain and snow mix.  Radio is already reporting dozens of wrecks.

Poor Jaizzy was huddled under the deck waiting for me, and acted thrilled when I stepped out the door.  Wasn't crazy about the camera...

I talked to her while she followed me down to her house, boy was she glad to get back in there.  She acted like her feet were about to freeze off, and even though the bare patches are starting to fluff up, I'm sure she still feels a bit of the wind.

I'm huddled back in my house, too.    Maybe I can snuggle up and get a nap in, like a bear in a cave.

2008- no post on this day because I was busy elfing Scott's coworkers, but this one two days before- "the edge of the coin, xmas lights"

Crappy pix of lights up.  My camera has 'night vision', so I can't get it to show you how we see it with our own eyes.  It was really dark out, not light, as you see in some of these, but the only way to make it dark was to use the flash, which obliterated how the lights really looked.  I'm gonna have to dig the book out and see what I can do about that.

I have no idea where the red dots across the side of the house came from.  Like I said, it was pitch black, I wasn't using a flash, and I never saw those for 'real'.  Makes you wonder about infrared reflections we don't see or something.

The freakiest thing was that this was taken in pitch blackness, and I couldn't even see where Scott was, had no idea he was even in the picture, yet you can clearly see the color of his jeans, his hands, etc.  Makes you wonder how much animals can see when their eyes are made to see in the dark.  Makes you wonder how truly blind we humans are.

And this is 2 days after- "the weekly fluff"

Houston, we have a problem.   

At night with the flash.

Without the flash.

We left it dangling for two days like that.  Thought you'd appreciate that one, Sploit.

Whew, narrowly averted Scott having to trank me and drag me out into the woods.  After I got all freaky about his totally ADD impulse to get the last red (apple wreath) votive candle out of the closet and randomly just set it any old where without mentioning it or lighting it and then him trying to tell me we were on the same brain wave when I went looking for it and finding it had totally disappeared for no reason (my obsession with knowing where something is and his impulse to move it randomly around the house is FAR from being on the same brain wave, and not communicating at all about it further away still, but he doesn't get *that* part), I realized I had to get us both on track with something or we were going to have a *very* bad day together.

So in a desperate attempt to 'make up' in the hopeless face of me wanting to rip his skin off with my short nails and him feeling indignant that I'm Mr. Spock on an acid trip, (and remembering that all our worst days have somehow magically resolved through rabid angry housecleaning together), I asked him if he'd be willing to clean the bathroom floors if I cleaned the rest of the bathrooms.

I hit that happy button perfectly.  That guy is going to town.  He's got the vacuum out dusting things all over the house, cleaning out drawers off the beaten path, and when he eventually gets to the bathroom floors, I have stamped my approval on him unnecessarily dragging out a bucket of water and the Armstrong, because there is nothing this man loves more than being mindlessly busy with a lot of noise going and big odory powerful cleaners, and the more unnecessary work involved, the better.  I've been done with the bathrooms for a half hour already, and I even deep cleaned what I was doing.  Now I've got the cornish hen in the pot with a bunch of herbs and my onion-carrot-celery combo, and the house is smelling quite lovely between that, the candle, and the cleaners.  And I have a pine tealight going in the master bathroom.

Skip a bunch of stuff.

Hanging by my fingertips for the last hour on the fantasy football scoreboard.  It's not helping that I caught Scott red handed last Thursday add/dropping my players around without telling me.  I was having a great season, he got excited and jumped in last week and screwed me, then thought he could fix me back up this week and just plain took over my team, and now he's pacing like a nervous wreck because I've barely kept up neck and neck with my opponent, and he just passed me, and there are only a couple of minutes left in all the games.  So he's feeling guilty that he screwed me again...

@ 6 p.m.

Game over.  I lost.  I asked Scott if he learned his lesson.  He said yes.  I said Good, because it would be a shame if I had to change my password behind your back...   
So depending on the other chick in the league, I *might* still be in the playoffs if she loses tonight.  Really iffy.

Scott's on the couch watching the Brothers Grimm thing on SciFi and feeling crummy and guilty.  Guess I should go hang out with him so he'll know I don't have a stone knife hidden on my person.

2009- "knowledge is power"

Watched "Watchmen" on PPV this morning.  Weird, riveting enough to actually hold my attention, somewhat ridiculous to the point of wondering how in the world they managed to get the thing filmed and whether they lost any money on it, and why in the world they wasted so much unnecessary time in some scenes and compressed so much latent info in others.  My fave was Rorschach, my second fave was Dr. Manhattan.  On a Mystery Men scale of entertainment, though, I give it just a two.  I will probably never, ever watch it again.  I was really glad to find out online that Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise never got the chance to make it worse with their presence.

2010- "time keeps on falling on banana peels into the future"

Endo doc said my primary care dr. hadn't checked my thyroid in over a year before she even left.  That means it was about 2 years ago that I started asking her if I could raise the dose, and she kept telling me the blood work was fine until I finally talked her into letting me see this guy a few months later and he verified what I was saying, then she rechecked about 6 weeks after I saw him.  He couldn't believe all the other blood work she was doing after that and never once checked my TSH again, even when I had asked about it.  Told this guy I'd rather bypass the other doctors from now on and let him do my yearly thyroid check, he said ok.  He also said in all his years, he's known of only one other doctor completely closing down their practice and just leaving all his patients like that.  It's just basically unheard of.  Keep getting the feeling from the clinic doctors that they have no respect for that.  He asked if I knew why she did that, and I told him I thought it was the only way she could escape from the Nurse of the Corn running the office.  Told him a few things, and he asked for her name, said he sure wouldn't want to accidentally hire her.

2011 "Feliz Festivus"

Hit me awhile ago that maybe it's not about me being the target. Occurred to me that I'm given the opportunity every time I get a call to turn it into something evil, or at the very least say something rude or mean. ... All these years, all these opportunities, maybe it's about getting me to cave in to my anger with them, not about them ruining my day. No matter how black my day gets or how fast and completely I crumble, I have never used a scathing word to any of Scott's family.

That kinda blew me away. Maybe it's not about shooting me down with their nidiocy, but about me not destroying them back at every opportunity. I can only imagine the living hell Scott's life would have been if I had. So many people do that, get into fights and stuff.

2012 "we have our own manhunt now, falalalala"

Man leads Taney County authorities on chase (link removed) (details replaced by xxx for privacy)

They've already got some of the info wrong in that, it's supposed to be Circle, not Court, and 6 miles away would be xxx or xxx, not xxx, and on tv they're saying he followed xxx Creek, but the creek that cuts through here is xxx Creek.  (They might correct it next time they update the page.) The only thing they're getting right is xxx and xxx, wow.  Anyway, Scott and I think this guy is related to someone in one of the rich houses over there, and probably hunts around here and knows the woods real good.  I'm almost betting someone is hiding him in a house.  It's like xxx and xxx, their last name is different from family around here, it's not your first thought to check a house with a different last name.  Anyway, they've got bloodhounds and those big rifles, gonna be really interesting to see if they've caught him by the noon news.

(they never caught him)

2013- Nothing on this day, but this was close by.

I bet I've written several million words just in the last 5 years. (the rest is too sad)

2014- Nothing on this day, but this public post was the day after. Click the title to see it.

The Elfnado Christmas Countdown


That's today! I think my brain slipped out in the night, I've been pretty deep in and barely talking all day. I think I'm just doing this for busy work. Scott's outside doing last month's yard work. In years past we have pretty nasty weather by now, today is pretty gorgeous for winter. Made an awesome thick rich enchilada soup, and I'm this close to curling up in a ball and hibernating. I just don't sleep in after #latenightmovie like some of the others do. I was still bouncing up at 4 a.m. for coffee. You can click these to get to the tweets and then click the pix to make them bigger if you want to read what people were saying in chat. I can't think of a finer bunch of people I'd want to ruin my brain with. It's like an acid trip without acid, the movie was that bad.

You know the rest of the month I'll be thinking of the Ice Cream Bunny. Speaking of Bunnies, we had one over here last night.

Yep, Christmas is finally on at my house. We're keeping it super simple.

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