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Thursday, December 3, 2015

fish fingers and custard, guys

I should never be allowed to walk into a Big K unsupervised.

Drumming my fingers, looking at nonexistent watch, wondering if a rabid fan will pair Benedict Cumberbatch's Dr. Strange with ELO's Strange Magic in a fanvid. Irked at the Strange Magic movie clips getting in my way.

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Oh yeah, woke up to Ellen Dubin suggesting we get a Lexx talk going. Can you tell I held back a little, got off my HELLZ YEAH trampoline and actually spelled words. I get Lexxcited. Who knows, maybe it'll work out.

I purchased this from an artist and added holiday decor.
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feel free to use it
Autumn allergies are usually long over by now, but thanks to one of the longest autumn peaks I've ever seen and then the continual rains keeping all that leaf mold perky fresh, my eyes are oozing in December like I'm growing ragweed in the house. And since I ran all over town again yesterday breathing extracurricular air that I'm sure was super saturated with everyone still mowing and blowing leaves around, I feel like Spongebob when he had the suds.

Except I'm not running around in my underwear. Sorry. It's COLD outside.



That's basically it. I told the staff we hafta get our mail out or we'll wind up buried later and sending it out late. Oh, and I've banned the Rudolf soundtrack. Being stuck in the car with that for 6 hours yesterday nearly had me flinging the CD out the window. Ok, I switched off to something else, but you know what I mean. I had to grit my jaw to stick through the entire thing. Does anyone else have an OCD prob with music where it has to be listened to 'correctly'? I get pretty stuck sometimes.

Get my happy music going. You can get the whole playlist here.

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