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Saturday, December 19, 2015

cosmic speed bump unlocked

Super buzzed about my crew driving up from Houston, keep checking the clock to see if I can make coffee yet. 1:20 a.m. Ok, not yet.

So this one blew all the other things out of my twitter water. It's currently third in a 28 day top tweet and has been my 7 day top tweet almost since I tweeted it 3 days ago, besides being tied as we speak with the second highest Lexx link tweet I've ever made. (I will be very surprised if it passes first highest, but it's close enough that it's conceivable.) I've never had either a Lexx tweet or a Pinky blog link tweet zoom up that fast, and very rarely that high. Cross the streams and there you go, I guess. I'd like to say it was the Kai-Spock smash pic, but serious Lexx fans and even a podcaster with way more followers than me were ON it. What a way to go into the Lexx 20th anniversary. O_o I'm pretty stunned.

There we go. Was hoping doing actual construction would work. Just scrolling through facebook wasn't getting me sleepy at all, start linking stuff on a blog and *bing*, I need to go lay back down, thank goodness. Back later.


Thank goodness I slept more. Really need to be in as good a shape as I can be this weekend.

I was noticing because of timehop yesterday that last year I posted this. You can click anywhere on it if you want to go see that video.

Anyway, I want to amend that. Yesterday was significantly awesome, apparently for the first time in ever, so I thought I'd go over some highlights.

Right off the bat was this. You guys know this really isn't Sherlock, but it is so suggestive that I grabbed it on my phone, and you probably don't know (some of you might by now) that I collected Breyer horses as a child and read every book I could find about horses, had a horse and could ride, my best friend in school was into horse racing and taught me how to draw horses, and I had horse calendars for years long after my last contact with a real horse. This picture naturally caught my breath when I stumbled across it.

So a twitter/facebook friend I've had for probably 3 years, Boulent Mustafa, writes a wonderful music blog on his website that cross posts to twitterfacebook, and G+, and he especially fascinates me with his brilliant multifandom brand of humor and eidetic memory. He has inspired me to do more research than any other fan on the planet just from the witty comments he tosses at me.

On the 16th, Boulent did one of those "2015 is nearly at its end, so click "like" if I have made you smile through the year. Then copy and paste this status. You'll be surprised how many people have had a little smile because of you!" and I discovered it the next day and commented with that picture and commented "I love that u know all my fandom fetishes so well. U are awesome for recall & humor." and of course I had my little smiley and heart emoticons in there. Part of the ongoing discussion included Boulent saying "I was going to add how apt his name sake (almost) has found him after many years.", and of course I didn't get it. I assumed it was a Sherlock reference, but private discussion revealed it was actually the horse- "Sherlock and the missing horse Shergar". So naturally I had to go look Shergar up and ran right into this- The truth about Shergar racehorse kidnapping

THAT was cool. It was like getting my own personal Sherlock mini drama handed to me on facebook, a brilliant leap into fiction plugging Sherlock into the equine equation (equination?). Mystery solved. Naturally, that picture has personal meaning for me now between two friends, not just a glance at a fictionalized Sherlock moment.

Then it was #Cumberblue spam on the twitters. I have a private list for the Cumber spam alerts, but that one was especially cool because my fave color is blue. This was really cool, clicks to the tweet. (The very first original tweet from last year is here.) (Today is #naughtyfans day if you need a pre-holiday pick-me-up. You're welcome.)

This tweet won the twitters for me yesterday.

This was a hot second.

All kinds of things have been going wrong all week, too. A box I sent off has gone completely missing, most probable conclusion is it was stolen off a porch, so from now on I'm going to pay the extra almost $5 for signature during receiving. Not one but two laptops crashed at Twink's house, and even a special shop and a big load of $$ isn't bringing back Bunny pix and vids from birth up through first birthday, so you guys back your stuff up!!! And Twink started allergy shots, and lots of other little things going wrong, like me missing that appointment earlier this week, one of those really hard weeks and we've all been bawling because my kiddo is coming home for Christmas for the first time in 8 years, just a really exhausting week all around. I also finally assessed out of physical therapy yesterday, just in time for Christmas, but I'm in recovery from more rigorous ASTYM, so it's so going kinda slow and I have no brain cells open for orientation duties.

Kinda funny talking about brain freeze, because you know how I said Pinky wants her Brain back... Most of you don't have a clue, but I got my wish.

I'd put a Lexx vid here, but we know that's a good way for them to be removed, don't we? So THIS. Love you guys, be sweet and kind, and please be safe if you're traveling this weekend.

And if it's just too hard, pleeeeeease click this.

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