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Saturday, November 21, 2015

the invisible forgotten

Here come the holidays, and here come the reminders about remembering military not being able to be home for Thanksgiving, the vets not being taken care of, the homeless and orphaned who don't even have homes, refugees... It's good to remember them.

There are others we aren't reminded to remember. Quite a lot of people are simply stuck at home. Or in nursing homes or some other kind of care. These people rarely get out and we almost never see them unless someone helps them get out.

For people who are stuck, sometimes the internet is how they survive, how they still feel like they are part of the human race. These people live vicariously through other people enjoying activities, fussing about problems, sharing pictures, whining about bad days, and generally chattering about their lives.

For many people, the real downer on holidays is those who have things and those who can get out and those who remind the rest to remember failing to live up to actually being thoughtful. Being thoughtful on the internet means not pointing out other people's flaws, not mocking other people's personal problems, not demanding retribution right and left for other people's behaviors with long arguments about who is right and who is wrong.

Kindness is a thing. People who think they are nice people are not always kind, and the internet tends to spotlight that kind of dichotomy.

Some of us have major fail going on in our lives, and if you really are a nice person, please remember to be kind. I say us- I'm still just coming out of my own stuff. Some of you have watched that. You've been watching me hang on, and I've been so fortunate to have friends who keep checking in on me. Not everyone has that, and so many drop back off the radar.

Please be kind. Pinky is asking everyone who reads this to remember some of us are going through holidays very alone, very sad, and a bit shy about trusting others to be kind. If you need more from me about dealing with the hard stuff, here is a quick index to my stuff across the webs, and here is the Pinky stuff.

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  1. It takes so little from us to spread kindness. A hug a smile a shared tear. All this takes about a minute of our time but lasts forever with the recipient. All kindness comes from a forgiving and loving God. We mearly gift it around. So little time. So little effort. So much meaning to those who need it. If god gives us the gift of compassion and kindness we must share it. It is within each of us. Thank you for being a friend Pinky in an ocean of millions, you extended me much kindness. I am grateful.