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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Macy's parade on EarthCam

Just got result back on the ANA, total negative, very relieved. Doesn't mean I can be stupid, just means I'm not crashing into disaster, just a very normal worn out. Kinda noticing that the more I keep my diabetes controlled the last couple years, the less apt I am to spike into an autoimmune flare up. I'm sure aggravating one sets off the other, so sticking to my paleo through Thanksgiving and keeping my meals very small.

Macy's Parade on EarthCam I'm seeing live traffic at dusk right now. Can actually hear sirens in the distance. Good quality. They'll be live on the parade tomorrow if anyone wants to check it out. Yep, just saw ambulance go by on there. Like really being there, I'll probably have that page up tomorrow.

I'm trying to find webcams that show overnight prep. Sometimes I get lucky and find a live broadcast or stream from a warehouse or on the street.

If you go to the official parade page you can download an app and check for breaking news. They've also got games and a shop.

I've been moseying through my day getting stuff done here and there, need to get back into it before I stall out. Pretty happy with what I've gotten done so far, the rest doesn't look that hard. It'll look like more work later if I keep sitting there, though. I'd rather do my sitting tomorrow. Don't wanna miss the parade again.

Thanx to Shirley for getting me all over this one the other day on facebook. I'm on holiday time now, my staff is dancing around being silly while I get some laundry folded. Hope all y'alls are traveling safe and being nice to sales associates and most of all taking good care of yourselves on this hectic holiday weekend. Hugs and kisses, guys, I'm feeling lovey dovey and fandom huggy. Happy Turkey Bird.

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