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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Batman- The Day After

We never see Batman the next morning, when everything hurts and he can barely get coffee and Alfred is in the way fussing about stitches and breakfast through a straw. Thought I'd look around and now I'm snorting coffee in Batman memes. You guys are precious.

This one seems apt for today. I'll take it.

What did I say yesterday? If I'm not talking to you on the twitters, it's probably a good thing. What did I do yesterday? Talked to someone on twitter. What happened? I was asked (told, actually) to tag tweet a review link to an actor because the reviewer was too busy. How hard did my head spin? It took 45 minutes for me to respond. (:edit: I really did find this humorous. You guys know I love irony.)

Claws in eyeballs, guys. I tried to be gentle. Just saying I should have ignored incoming, like I usually do. People keep thinking I'm nice. Like a twitter service. That doesn't get tips. (:edit: I know I don't put big orange cones and caution signs out when I'm having a rough pain day/week, so I really do need to stay off twitter when I say I'm going to.)

So, the whole Wells thing. I saw all the tweets- Wells is Zoom, Barry is Zoom, Crisco and #DickWells... Y'all know how I feel. (And how I really feel.)

Just in case work sucks today and you need something to do, here you go. You're welcome.

10 weird times Marvel and DC unofficially crossed over

Harrison Wells wiki (Arrow)

From ‘Gotham’ to ‘The Flash’: Ranking Superhero TV Shows

4 Reasons Why ‘The Flash’ is TV’s Best Comic Book Show

Catching up on a few things. I'm about as cranky this morning as Strong Bad was about Halloween. The David Lee Roth nod is pretty awesome.

I better git movin, if Bunny throws up again she might be coming to see me today. We can have a cranky day together. And if she doesn't wind up here, I'm getting cranky all over some rugs and stuff. I got tons of stuff done yesterday, would be pretty sweet if I could do that again today.

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