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Thursday, November 5, 2015

whoa, just bounced right through your screen

I took this pic of my TV, plz to ascuze the blurrrr
I guess I was about due for a dream smash. Between last night's Extant finale (finally caught up), Nygma putting Miss Kringle into the freezer and leaving himself riddles in the Gotham episode Mommy's Little Monster, @bonenado opening a box that came in the mail last night with the first of Christmas, and getting a call last night about my physical therapist needing to cancel and thinking yay I can keep excavating and boiling my house while I listen to music all day, I dreamed Lady GaGa was M.E.volving into a glowy-eyed Mrs. Claus with Molly's cool hair in the ending episode The Greater Good. I wish I could remember more than that, it was pretty elaborate. Pretty sure there was a TAALR pun in there somewhere. (My family will totally get that.)

click for email overload article
my own inbox is currently hovering around 1800...
Going through my weekly email deletedeletedelete and ran across someone blogging about something they disapprove of on youtube and then actually posting the youtube. You guys need to figure out you're part of the problem when you keep putting the problem back out there. That's why the problem is going viral. Doi. If you don't like or approve of something on social media, don't share it. You're only promoting someone else's junk for free. One of the biggest social media fails, in my opinion, is the addictive group nature of sharing our disgust. It's a bad habit that promotes dragging other people's days down or inspiring them to pass the drag on. (Ironically, that blog post coming in on a reader alert technically became email spam...) (Also ironically, that's kinda how I got 'famous' in the first place.) (The shared disgust, I mean.) (Ok, carry on.)

This one cracks me up because she kinda looks like my mom
and I was always the one cleaning her kitchen
That's right, I'M CLEANING MY HOUSE, BABY! I have been wrestling with allthethings in my house since Bunny was born, and no matter how diligently I've tried sorting and assigning and re-sorting and reassigning, all the piles keep getting randomly shuffled on moments' notices and you wouldn't believe what I'm finding. Lost mail from July. A wooden spoon that went missing. A refund check from a pharmacy for insurance over payment. 9 pens. I feel like I'm hitting the jackpot rediscovering my kitchen surfaces. Parts of that pile on my long counter were nearly a foot deep. It's amazing how a pile of junk can completely hide a 2 quart saucepan, a corded 2 piece wax warmer, a napkin holder (do people still use napkins?), and my tricep weight bars. You wouldn't believe how many baby bottles and useless cheap sippy cups I've tossed. Well, if you have kids, you probably would. Kudos to people who will be setting out elaborate and beautiful Thanksgiving tablescapes. We'll be dragging up the lawn chairs and spreading food out on the counter I'm cleaning off.

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Anyway, now's my chance, the rest of November goes back to slam-fest through physical therapy and other stuffs, so this week has felt like a vacation. I can't believe how bad my arms hurt after that last ASTYM, the first 24 hours felt like my upper arms got super smashed in a mammography machine. They're way better now, couple of problems already resolving, and it feels like breaking through all that gritty scar tissue gave me all kinds of energy. (The carpal tunnel is still hell because I. won't. stop. using. my. hands.) My body loves having something to do, all busy in there scrubbing out the yuck and new cell construction crews all over like they'd been waiting their whole lives for this. And it's so much easier pushing through housework now without so much fatigue lag in my arms. Wow, was looking for ASTYM memes and ran right into myself in image search. That's just crazy.

Yeah, she said my elbows were BAD. I've used my arms like I'm Conan all my life.

click for Conan the Barbarian memes
It's a good thing no one's here with me, I'd actually yap your brains out today. I'm in one of my bouncy moods. This seems like a great time for finding a jam and bouncing around some more. I'm starting with this one. You guys have a good day!

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