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Friday, November 6, 2015

we can't all do big arms

LinkedIn is bossing me around.

It feels kinda like being back in high school learning layups during gym class. I got really good at them, but for awhile I was made keenly aware of how near the bottom of the loser pit I hovered. Despite majorly sucking for arm stuff nowadays, I can still pull a decent volleyball serve. I know this because I had a blast playing ball on the stairs with Bunny's brother the other day. Yes, we play ball in the house, but we keep it on the stairs. When my kids were younger, we went through a snowed in month that drove us crazy, so I broke out the badminton birdies and the ping pong paddles and we went to town on those stairs. Nerf guns are pretty awesome, too.

I should put that as one of my LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements-

Top Skills-
Can still serve a volleyball

Janika also knows about-
Badminton birdies
Ping pong paddles
Playing wild made up sports on the stairs
Nerf guns

Yesterday got really hard. The big arm thing. Nerve suckage. Nicely compliments my holiday slide feels.

Today will be really hard. Today is about Bunny. It won't be fun. We hope it won't be sad.

I see the tweets about a commercial making tears. Today is a day I shut off all the feels so I can do the hard. I don't care about tears. I don't care if the world cries, because my Bunny will cry, and that is already too much. Discovering you have tears during a commercial means you're not doing life right. If the tears aren't every day, you're doing it wrong.

I love you guys, and you know I'll be back after I'm with Bunny. If my arms still work.

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