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Saturday, May 7, 2016


Opulence is a neat word, isn't it? It just drips with hints of diamonds and plush carpeting.

Regular readers know I'm lately conflicted with being a nonmaterialistic soul attempting to breach that sheer ravine, a leap from the iron-fisted 'not necessary' childhood side of the gulf in my life to the creative 'unlimited fantasy' adult side of that gulf. How do I express myself digitally in a fantasy realm? What sort of house do I want to build? I've got 27 screen shots coming. If you're not into minecraft or what's in this messed up brain of mine, skip this and go do your own thing. If you're staying, get a snack.

First glimpse of my new digs in the distance.

Yeah, it sorta looks tall from here, but there's a ravine you don't see yet between here and there. My arch doesn't look that impressive from this spot.

Looks pretty cool though, right? Definitely something going on.

Now I'm standing under that arch. As you may have guessed, this is an elevator shaft. The main core is obsidian. The sandstone is the floor of my new house. The flowers over there are a 'sea of red', because evil lairs like to hint of beautiful tragedy. Note: This work is all being done in survival on the MoCreatures server. There is no cheating. I cook all my glass myself from sand I plowed out myself, mined all that obsidian personally, ran around searching out rose bushes, etc. Anyone who plays survival can appreciate where I'm going with this. ~Opulence~. I could have gone after nether quartz for the floor, but I thought about the soft yellow cool sandstone complimenting the obsidian and the stained glass mural wall I want to construct.

This is the living area of the whole evil lair experience. The movie theater is built down into the floor of the arch, the conference room with the glass walled spider spawner room is built into the right side wall. There is a natural underground pool a ways under the floor of the house that will become my shark tank, and you can see the water slide coming off the floating Avatar island in the distance. Lots more to come.

The glass elevator is a neat experience when you turn away from facing the ladder. You get a real feel for the height.

I love riding up and down during dawn and sunset and when it's snowing and stuff.

Looking down from the mountain top bunker area. The views all around are incredible.

I have cooked up entire beaches of sand into glass for this project.

Ok, that was MoCreatures, which is multiplayer. Now let's go back to Rivyndell realm, which is more private and we're doing cool stuff there. By the way, caught in the act again. I have proof of sabotage. I have to keep fixing the track in a certain spot because of this guy.

You guys have been seeing hints of Rivyndell with the blue temple stuff for several months. I started there in creative, total noob, not a clue, and now I'm going back in and fixing up what I had barely begun. (I didn't do the village saving/fixing upping stuff.) I actually did have a vision but felt lost how to go about expressing it. That temple I started, a very small simple structure, has set the theme for other creations going on nearby which have touched my heart, and now it's time for me to expand on what I myself see in my head.

Gone are the days where the people could shuffle around their measly tiny little ways. Hard labor and all the wealth of the citizens were required, and even worse, they were forced to do math. The gods demand meticulous synchronicity and balance. Everything visual processes their minds to orderly compliance and acceptance while embracing the extravagance of the gods of old. We're not sure yet who the gods are, but they have a portal...

That's right, this is doing things to your mind. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice village on the left, torture arena on the right, the cleansing pool, the stairs of ascendance, the temple, and the portal to the terrible underworld...

Spared no expense, lol. I love creative mode. Notice how the whole thing trains your eye up to the temple, and then you see the portal through the temple.

Imagine dragging the frightened villagers through this. No doors, omg. If you don't play minecraft, you can't even imagine what this must mean for the poor villagers.

I had a lot of fun playing with the colors. My biggest problem is still creepers. Nothing else really bothers me in creative mode, but something about me pulls the creepers in like flies. I don't dare come here in survival mode. All the same, I'm working on making it more creeper proof.

What's even cooler is going through the portal and seeing the temple theme continue, but I'm not going there yet.

Funny how my very first structure in minecraft was a little temple. After all the stuff I've written in Pinky blog, we're not at all surprised, are we?

Teaser pic because I'm bad.

Ok, moving on. There is lots more developing in Rivyndell than what is going on around this village. Remember that hangout I mentioned? I finally got pix.

Almost felt like I was getting pix for a minecraft realty magazine, or an ad for tourism or something.

You guys would laugh if you compared this to my real house sitting up on top of a ridge overlooking a real forest. This is tiny.

Too bad we don't have werewolves in the realm. We can spawn wolves, but not werewolves. The werewolves in MoCreatures are vicious and hilarious.

Maybe I should spawn a few villagers in there.

Ah, a patron.

We are a friendly establishment.

And we'll remember you fondly long after you've gone.

Later guys.
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