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Monday, May 16, 2016

Bunnycraft and the Meemaw of Bunnies

Holding cooked rat for my guests, like a good hostess.
Quickie dream for minecraft gamers- You know how we can find strongholds with an eye of ender, and the latest update includes new ender stuff. I dreamed that we could make an ender crafting table where we could place a new kind of almost invisible ender block around items to render them so that we could see what they'd look like in different mod packs, like being able to look at things in our own mod packs and see what they'd look like in different dimensions.

Note- All the stuff I've constructed in MoCreatures multiplayer has been from scratch in survival mode.

I designed that chandelier myself.
It's a Koch curve in 3/4.
When you walk underneath and look up it looks like a dodecaplex.
I can't believe how screamingly far behind I am in everything, but I'm to the point where I'm tossing stuff to the side saying who cares? Well, I care very much, but I'd rather stick to the fun parts and worry later. At least the laundry is caught up in real life. But if real life gets as laggy as my entire internet life, Christmas is already doomed to be stalled out until next Easter. I must quantify this thought with a contextual statement- @bonenado and I are completely caught up with Game of Thrones. Considering that we'd never seen a single episode up to less than a month ago, and considering we slammed through 50 virtual hours of it just to sync up with you guys live tweeting season 6, I feel like my planet tilt went dangerously more askew. We are now 7 eps behind in The 100, 3 eps behind in The Big Bang Theory, jumped completely off the Scorpion train a season ago, continually lagging a week behind in Gotham, The Flash, Arrow, The Blacklist, Blindspot, Person of Interest, and several other things @bonenado keeps up with and I don't, like NCIS and Elementary and Grimm and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm sure I've missed a few. In case anyone is getting a picture of us being couch potatoes, Scott is gone 12 hours a day and I very rarely turn the TV on while he's gone. Oh, and he got the entire front and back mowed and weedeated this weekend, and went to his niece's graduation on top of Bunny being here Friday and overnight Saturday. Scott is a good Papa, actually spends all those hours with us while she's here. He was never the kind of parent to dump his kid on the stepmom, and he definitely doesn't dump Bunny on stepMeemaw, even though she's my favorite in the whole state of Missouri.

It was delightful obsessing over this chessboard floor and the chandelier hanging from the obsidian ceiling.
Still waiting to see if Bunny breaks out in a roseola rash. The only symptom is still just that high fever that keeps coming back in between occasional tylenol doses. I'm on call for a few days in case daycare can't keep her or won't take her. I'm in serious jet lag after this weekend.

Even though we've got grass pollen now and I'm across the street from a hay field, I've decided it's time to start cutting back on the zyrtec so I can get a break in before I have to ramp up through ragweed season. I've cut out the night dose and my arms are itching like mad. Not breaking out or anything. Cost/benefits of nearly year-round zyrtec can be maddening to manage.

Looking back the other direction.

That framed album on the left is 'C418-cat' from a zombie spawner loot chest.
I seem to have two of those. 
One of the draws of MoCreatures is the realistic and very interactive variety of animals and bugs.

As with any home construction site, one eventually goes through closing inspection. This guy is really picky, has been popping in without warning and watching every jot and tittle in the contract. I just ignore him till he goes away again.

I've never yet killed an enderman in my entire minecraft career.
I made a run-through a couple of days ago, have already added more work, plus I've already started final finishing work in the nightclub, which we'll see in another post later. This is about 6 1/2 minutes long and then my connection timed out. Notes under the video because I didn't take the time to do captions.

The best part is the first minute, going under the chandelier and looking up, you can see the dodecahedron-esque Koch curve effect. If you like hypercubes, you'll like my chandelier. About 1:30 in I head into a little ante room that simulates a screened in porch, the only real room I've built off the core house. The rosebed just outside the room was the very first thing I put in, and you might recall that I said every evil villain needs a sea of red because evil lairs like to hint of beautiful tragedy. Well, if we're going to continue psyche-analyzing my minecraft house (house-tree-person), then I must tell you of a dream I had 2 nights ago after I built that room. I actually showed myself in my dream that the screened in porch is a barren womb, and the sea of red flowers just outside of it was the baby I lost. I dare anyone to tell me I'm wasting time playing minecraft. I'm going so deep this year with the psychologist because of minecraft. It strikes me a little sad, but I'm good with it (it's a very old wound), and I think adds a little charm to the whole twisted Disney evil lair feel. Continuing on, at 2 minutes I'm in the elevator and it really is cool, like a real glass elevator. 2:45- The little group of torches on the obsidian roof are where center is marked out, and that is where I'd like to put some kind of cool evil light, originally hoped we could move a torched off spider spawner to there, now I have even bigger plans with redstone 'electrical' power. 2:58- Those are sharks and dolphins in the pond below. The sharks really attack you, and I've seen a bear go into the water and drag a dolphin out and kill it. MoCreatures is awesome. 3:30- the white patches are bits of snow that haven't melted yet. 4:50- The tour around the future roller coaster, still getting structure into place. 6:35- The village that Riv saved and walled off and roofed in hedges to protect it. It's really cool inside.

My life isn't all minecraft, by the way, lol. It's just been really handy getting me through a bit of stress this spring. In the meantime, Bunny likes to wear ponytails like Meemaw. Ponytails are cool.

Bunny made Papa hold her hand while she went to sleep when she spent the night. Papa is the best. He's watched 101 Dalmations with her a bazillion times already. (original version) Well, it was on a bazillion times in the background, I don't think she's ever sat through it once.

By the way, a friend got a pic of my movie theater in a different texture pack, makes the movie that's playing look even more like a horror flick, lol. The first pic is in default, sort of looks like classic old style horror, the second is whatever pack my friend was using, looks more like modern teen horror.

The whole view blitz seems to have died out. I think switching to https will solve a few problems for me on my end after all. I have no idea why in the world Pinky blog attracts intentional app traffic, because my other blogs don't (and Lexxperience gets world traffic and has higher post view counts), unless this is just a really good blog to use as a traffic driver in general anyway except I'm not the one making money on it, so why should someone else, right? At any rate, watching the view count plunge down to 21 yesterday was hilarious, finally genuinely reflects how slow my online presence has been in general lately. Oh, don't worry, the button spammer in Brazil and *ahem* S-e-**ma000l-t in Ukraine are still hanging around (how to block the second one, but I don't think that would change my blogger view count), but they weren't the ones blitzing me in the first place. Still no idea what the heck that was all about, but it was sneaky enough to get past my google analytics.

Time to move along. I've been up since 3 a.m., dressed since 5:30 a.m., and I still haven't had any breakfast.

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