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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

never underestimate the power of gravel and torches, or, my router is a vampire

The college dreams have started again. +_+ I haven't been in a class in years, but it never fails, about this time of year I dream that I realize it's time for finals and start smashing down how freaked out I feel with an elaborate plan to fake my way through finals after missing classes and failing to do assignments for months. No idea why I dream like this since I was very studious in college and rarely failed to keep up, even if I had to miss a class. Tests don't frighten me. However, bad things have happened around finals weeks or test days and I've still always made it in (even after driving my pickup off a cloverleaf), so who knows. (I take spiders very seriously.)

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And the classes in my dreams are always so bizarre. I wake up surprised at the variety of strange and weird classes I seem to find out I'm taking and then panic. Last night's class involved a demo I missed (thank you, youtube, for that inspiring ant mold video- Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum), you wouldn't believe the things my brain came up with about what I'd missed in that class and what would be on the test. I was relieved to wake up and find out 1- I'm old and not in college, and 2- coffee was all set to make. Life is simple on the 'outside' here. Inside my head during the night is a complicated mess of way too much stuff.

We lost electric around 6:30 last night and it never came back on until after all the good TV was over. That meant there was nothing else to do but be in bed by 7 (for me, I was already cold, only in the 50s all this week), and that is just way too much time to leave a mind open to free associating all the gobbledygook from the day before. No wonder people put so much stock in runaway community-wide panic attacks over witches and stuff before they had electricity. Nowadays you get a minecraft witch throwing bottles of potions at you and stagger around trying to eat something before you die without falling off a cliff or into a river, and if you get really lucky you start getting shot at with arrows and attacked by zombies while you're staggering around, and when you die and respawn and come back you find out the zombies took off with some of your cool stuff that you worked so hard for and the skeleton grabbed some of your armor to wear. The router was so blinky yesterday before the power even went out that I fell into a cave and got stuck down there, and every time I tried to do something I timed out, so I just played around with lining up torches under piles of gravel and watching the piles fall and bust. Fast and easy way to harvest gravel, and I use it extensively around lava, so there you go.

From the creator- "Almost looks like a vampire in the second one. He could kill people just by looking at them."
All the same, I think I need to make a special list today. And I need to decide on one day a week to bar myself from Jawn or something. And I need to make a new home syllabus and block off some hours into regular time slots for certain activities. I was doing really well with that for several years, kinda fell apart the last few months. Since I'm making such big leaps with both physical and psychological therapies though, I haven't been too self recriminatory about it. Sometimes you gotta just shake it all up and see how things fall, get the game board going a whole new way with new methods and a revised agenda.

Jawn is my laptop, in case you're new and don't know. He's the brain extension I've always dreamed of. Pinky Robot and Jawn irl.

:edit: Just a passing note. I am so very disappointed in someone for stooping to using tactics that she used to rigorously get after "friends" for, especially a friend that went away and never came back.

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