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Thursday, May 5, 2016

waiting for Vizzini

Where was I? Oh, yeah, I was stumped. What kind of house am I going to make? Even after the mind blowing inspiration I had just discovered (rediscovered? it was all such a whirlwind of blur back then), I felt lost. What in the world could I ever possibly build that would be mine and unique and hadn't already been expressed? I felt like every idea I had was already built right here in front of me.

And then it hit me like a loose brick. Go back to where all the magic started for me.

So I went back. Just a simple hut, a simple chest, a simple bed on a shoreline. A simple stump of block with a simple ladder on it. A simple fence with a simple gate. The most elementary of minecraft practices, a brief grasp of the power I could wield in the wonderment, and suddenly whoosh we were off in the night, treading the skies and looking for a new place to start cool new stuff.

I found it. I looked at coordinates from one place to another, figured it must lie in between somewhere, and with the F3 readout to guide my direction, keeping the ever-changing integers within a tight range of possibility as I flew, suddenly there it was below me, still there like we'd left it- a tiny little bed, a chest, a crafting table, and an itty bitty hut on the shoreline. It even had villagers still huddling in it.

I knew even in mode 1 (creative) my presence would spell doom for the villagers jammed into the tiny little hut during the night, and sure enough, as soon as I landed, the zombies came in droves, the villagers opened the doors, and I had a mob of zombie villagers thronging around. That was completely unacceptable. I set to work immediately preserving the most magical place in all of minecraft for me, my leaping point into a multiverse of all new worlds of possibilities, and then I spawned new villagers. And now it is beautiful and safe, and as long as I don't go back there in survival mode and set off creepers, it'll be ok. I hope. I got a picture for posterity just in case.

That must have been what turned the little doorknob in my mind, because I woke up this morning ready to work on my house, finally.


I was going to add more, like the new stuff I'm doing now, but I think it can wait for its own post.

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